A mother’s questions… A poem

As months become weeks become days
The countdown to you grows intense
Am I ready? Will I be ready?
Will I be the type of mother I always hoped I’d be?
The cleaning, the purging, the organizing…
All to make room for something so small
that seems so BIG
Life changing, altering, never to be the same.
But for the better?…
More love & more laughter
With coos & smiles
More strength & more tears
With discipline & tough love
But in the end always more LOVE.


Preparing for baby…

So I’m pregnant & I’ve watched the weeks tick away. But suddenly it has gotten really real. Might have something to do with constant movement in my belly, the fact that my belly is growing, the start of my birth classes or the fact that the due date is only 11 weeks away!


I’ve been picking out stuff for the nursery & think I’ve finally got my colours. Now comes the hard part. Getting the house ready. Not sure if it is my nesting instincts or all the talk about how life changing babies are but my stress level about getting prepared to welcome a new being into my house has skyrocketed.
Hoping that a weekend of serious organization will help reduce my stress level. But feel like my to do list is a mile long.
One day at a time… one item on my list at a time.