Thoughts on LOVE: I love all that you will be and everything you are….

It is only as I get older (& wiser?…) that I realize that the portions of your heart that you give away to young love comes at a price. Your first love is where you give your all, where you lose the innocence, the naiveté of your thoughts about love, and the reality of life kicks in. When you are young you do crazy, silly, stupid, dumb… insert adjective here… things for love. But it is also a time of fun, of soaring heights and days floating on cloud 9. The trick is to keep/find that love as you get older and the challenges of life get harder.

It is important to feel gratitude in your relationship, to appreciate what it adds to your life. This is valid for plutonic, familial & romantic love. And as I get older I am able to recognize the value that each relationship has on the experience that is my life, how it shapes and molds the vessel that my soul uses to drift on the waves of time.

I saw this quote downtown the other day, and I was struck by how true it was. Those whom you really love, never really leave your life, no matter the time & distance, because the act of loving them has changed you, and you would not be who you are without their effect on your life.

(That is my friend Howie who died too young, and my grandpa Orv, the guy with the white hair, who unfortunately passed before we could have an adult relationship)
Some people you love easily, where loving them is like breathing… natural, instantaneous, & subconscious. And similar to breathing in meditation, when you focus your attention on loving them it deepens. Bringing your conscious mind to recognize what your heart already knows, that these people are worthy of love and that they will bring beauty to your life. Something in their spirit calls to you and you know that you have met a similar soul… birds of a feather flock together & all that. There is not a day that I don’t miss the wonderful men that are no longer in my life.

20130825-001152.jpg(The cutest kids book ever, hopefully one day I have my own curly haired bundle of joy to read it too)
These men loved me as I am, all of my quirks, my faults, & my successes. I felt safe to be myself in their presence and this translated into a self-confidence that bubbled over into my every day life. Being loved like that is special and priceless.

“Life is one big road with lots of signs”

I’m having an absolutely ‘bleh” kind a day. Wondering about life & happiness. Where does happiness come from? From within? Or an outside force? Or does it happen thru a conversation with the universe? “Life is one big road with lots of signs” & as I wrote those words what do I hear but the tv say “this strange new universe”. I’m listening universe, I’m listening.
Some people want fame, some people want fortunes, I simply want to be happy. To feel happy, healthy, & at peace with the world around me. But I feel that the only way to truly feel that way, I’ll have to find the thing that my heart most wants. Wondering when that will happen, when I have the maturity to know that about myself.
It’s so crazy that while I sit here & thinking these things, the universe speaks… Kinda the way that Bumblebee speaks in transformers. Speaking thru mediums to be heard by you.

(I love “How I met your mother”)
Every year I get older & I wonder am I doing right? Is this the best happiest me I can be? Hopefully I’ll be more upbeat & optimistic over the upcoming holiday, 2 more days to this work week… I think I can, I think I can.

IG have I told you I love you lately?…

So I was taking a break from organizing my kitchen (a Herculean task on Saturdays after my farmers market haul) to watch one of my favourite tv shows Extra Virgin (with Debbie Mazaar & her lovely Italian husband) on The Cooking Channel, when this fabulous IG shout out came on. I agree with a lot that Eric said in his video; IG has also helped me eat healthier (amazing how taking a pic of your food for the world to see helps keep you “honest” about your choices & if they are actually healthy), & I have met some great people thru IG that has opened up a supportive community for me to grow in.

IG is by far the most life changing app on my phone.

Long weekend in Las Vegas (aka Lost Wages)

So after the craziness that was 4th of July (where I planned a large party for the MOC… was supposed to be 750 people ended up more like 800)… with food, liquor, obstacle course fun castle, regiment band, dj, gombeys & fireworks…

20130709-205344.jpg I finally joined the hubby in Las Vegas.

20130709-205502.jpgIt was a great trip over…

20130709-210414.jpg First class the whole way!

20130709-210528.jpg With a delicious dinner.

20130709-211007.jpg Yummy sundae? With caramel & hot chocolate? Yes please!

The whole purpose of my trip, besides getting some good eats with hubby…

20130709-213312.jpg Was to see the newest member of my heart family!

20130709-214539.jpg Isn’t he adorable??
Being with one of my besties & her adorable kids only makes me realize how much I want my own family. Looking forward to those magical moments.

The rest of the weekend flew by, did some shopping, got a pedicure with my girls, and took a ton of baths!



Some favourite Vegas shots from my trip:






It’s a marathon not a sprint…

Playing poker always gets me philosophizing. After all it is a game that is much like life. How well you do depends on not only your skill level, but also in how well you read people & it occasionally requires a bit of luck.
When playing tournament poker, it’s not so much about each hand but how well you play generally. Trying not to lose more than you win & trying to maximize the chips you can win in each by your style of betting.
I also find it is a challenge to keep the positive attitude & focus to win in the long run. Some nights I listen to music to be a touch distracted or like tonight I check on my social media while I’m not in a hand.

Start of the night things were going my way but now the cards aren’t coming. So I’ve had to switch up my play. Folding more hands & playing better starting hands instead of the wider range I was using in the beginning. Life is the same way, sometimes you can do things with a cocky confident style & sometimes you have to be humble & cautious. It’s all about finding the balance in the flow of the universe around you. Sometimes I’m more in sync with the cards & feel like I can predict what comes. But today they are silent, not speaking to me, not listening to me call them out. But that’s ok… another thing that poker has taught me… Patience.

Busy busy busy…

So I’ve been super busy! Got a new day job back in the hospitality industry helping to plan events & weddings. So far it has been a great decision, I’m really liking the position.

My first day!
I took a week off from all other ventures to really get my head in the game. This last week I added everything back in in a limited fashion. To say I have been busy is understatement lol.
To keep myself healthy I’ve been drinking my green juice. Getting strange looks from my coworkers but have had a few try some of my prettier coloured juices lol.

Green juice at home…

Green juice at my Pilates studio…

Green juice at work.

I have also been making sure that I’m eating healthy. Making my lunches at the same time as dinner to ensure that salads play a big part of my daily meals.

Found a new love in fresh fig the other day. On a whim decided to buy it, had it with local goat cheese & kale, & loved it!!!


I have also been a true devotee of coffee, having spent the last few months working at a coffee shop, I now truly enjoy that first cup of the day. Coffee snob status! Lol.

A treat from my old day job on the way to my new day job.

Nespresso at my folks place.

Hope to find more time to do the things I love, like IG & blogging, this week. I was able to go to the beach for an hour this Sunday & got a good dose of vitamin d.


A couple of my favourite photos this week:

Lonely sailboat in the harbour at sunset.

The view at work.

Sunflowers from the farmer’s market.

A wedding at work.

Juicing flow / kitchen mojo

Having a great kitchen week, thinking its because of my recent trip (loved all the good food but missed my healthy feeling!) & because of this great cookbook I just bought.

As usual, IG was also a source of inspiration @theleangreenbean does a weekly Sunday healthy food prep

20130426-215851.jpg & this week I was inspired to do my own.

I made egg “muffins” with veg & quinoa, quinoa & cous cous for salads, roasted beets, & chopped veggies to eat my hummus with.
I kept this kitchen inspiration going in my juicing – improving on my prep & my juice flavour blends. While prepping my fruit for juice this weekend I made flavoured water (which I have been enjoying all week)

I also made changes to the way I prep my juicing station – changing the juicer placement on my counter, putting a “trash” bag in the corner, & turning up the spout so that the juice doesn’t dribble out while I’m adding juice to my jars (bagging the pulp I have done for a while – makes it easier to keep, give away, or throw away depending)

Learning to work with my new Breville, realizing that ginger is a hard veg so should be at level 5 but if I drop it in by itself it just spins away into pulp collector without giving a lot of juice. So I started putting slices of ginger & my cloves of garlic between the halves of my apples. (I halve them to take out the seeds which can be bad to juice in large quantities)

I feel like I have also gone to another level with my juice flavour combinations. Trying to make more complex flavour profiles so that the juice is more filling/satisfying.

My Van Helsing’s OJ – blood orange with carrot, yellow squash (doesn’t really give flavour but I like the extra water content & veggie vitamins), strawberry with ginger, garlic (to keep vampires away) & chili (to give it bite lol).

I’m loving the addition of garlic & cilantro to almost everything! I added everything in the picture above (ginger, chili, garlic, parsley, cilantro & mint) to my green juice & I fell in love even more!!
At happy hour enjoying my cocktail

20130426-223404.jpg & thinking about juicing basil & oregano, & what I could put into this “pizza” juice I’ve been challenged to make.
Off to make some juice for breakfast tomorrow & I think it’s going to involve some of these beauties… Or should I say cuties? Lol

All in all a great kitchen week & I’m looking forward to many more!

Land of Lost Wages aka Las Vegas

So I had a great time in Vegas, as usual. This time I gave myself permission to fall completely off the healthy diet wagon… So I had this a couple times for breakfast.

My stomach slightly rebelled at me so I had to balance the badness with the good. Warm water with lemon to start my day.

I did not play poker like I usually do since I had other demands on my time, such as shopping…


hanging out with my cute goddaughter…



eating great food…



drinking yummy cocktails…

taking pics of beautiful desert skies…



hanging with this chick…

& enjoying these!

Since this was as close to the night life as I got…



So sorry it’s been so long since my last post! I’m on vacation at the moment with a total reversal of time usage lol. I love vacations but I hate prepping for them. Usually requires a deep clean of house for dog sitter, on top of trying to work as much as possible (with 3 jobs, none of them pay while on vacation – sigh welcome to self employment lol). Plus my little buddy (my shih tzu/Pekingese) always gets an eye infection so I spend the week before travel cleaning him & giving him meds all the time lol. So by the time I get to vacation I’m busted. & when I return home I’ll hit the ground running with clients (juice & Pilates). Most times vacations just make me need a stay-cation at home to catch myself lol. Hoping green juice next week will prevent me getting sick.
One of the things I always end up doing on vacation is deleting photos on my iPhone to make room for more lol. One of the bonuses of this activity is that I get to revel in the memories… Of food & fun times gone by.
I was blessed to come across this photo amongst my roll of thousands & it really made me smile.

One of my favourite things about IG is that it is a daily source of inspiration for me (to be healthier, fitter, more artistic, more crafty, stylish… etc. etc.) so to be an inspiration to someone else thru IG is an honour.
Will post a vacation write up very soon! Hope you all are having a great day wherever you are. xo

Using social media pt. 2 – your addictions can equal free marketing

So as you may have guessed by now I am addicted to Instagram. I have noticed that my personal feed has started to contain a lot of my business products and interests; so I decided to create accounts for my businesses. I have long been a fan of using social media as free advertising. All of my businesses have received a Facebook page either by my creation or by my request. My Pages app gets a lot of use as I’m an administrator for my part time job, plus I have 2 business of my own. It’s so convenient to use from my iPhone or iPad, and it’s a great way to reach a larger audience.

My jam/juice company, We Be Jammin (We Be Jammin & Juicin on FB, webejamminbermuda on IG) has really started to take off just by word of mouth. A few flyers, some new customers, and some free samples later I have tripled my daily clients. Without spending any money on advertising.


My Pilates studio has been open for several years, but with the economic downturn it has become more important to stay relevant and in people’s thoughts. With our FB account & now our IG account my hope is that clients will be inspired and will want to train at the studio more.


I am using my addiction to social media to fuel my businesses. By creating a dialogue with clients via FB statuses and IG pics, I hope to both increase my client base & the loyalty of the clients I currently have.