Rocky seas, safe harbour…


Even though I know that there are times ahead where the going will be rough & choppy, being a mom & holding my munchkin in my arms grounds me. I no longer feel like a boat being tossed from wave to wave, for I know that for him I will always be a safe harbour to steer to.


But in truth he is the cardinal point by which my days are directed, his future the destination of my new journey. I already feel blessed.


Balancing Act in the Circus of Life

I am currently super busy, working full time, working part time, housework, masters application essay… sigh most days it feels as though I just don’t have enough hours in the day! Throw in working out, cooking & quality time with the hubby, & it seems like every second of every day is scheduled for something, and those moments I do relax, I can’t help but feel that I should be doing something else off my list. 

During times like this in my life, I’m forced to constantly remind myself that everything can not be done in one day, and that it is ok for things on my list stay on my list for a day or two. Otherwise I just buzz around from one chore/job to another until I have no energy left and it is time to go to bed. 


Social Media… Friend or Foe?

It’s only day two of another week and I’ve already seen many mentions of social media and what it is doing to us as a society. I personally see it as Friend… but after reading several articles and blog posts I’m starting to see the darker side of it.  “How Social Media Didn’t Ruin Your Relationship” was one of the first shares that popped up on my Facebook feed this morning, you can read it here, and I thought it had a very powerful message. Social Media is not the reason you break up with someone, it just highlights behaviour that makes you want to break up with them. Nowadays there is a chronological record that can be checked, people can see that you talk about them on Facebook, or tweet something nasty…. and even if you take the post down there can still be copies of it thanks to screenshots & other people sharing (just look at any celebrity scandal and you would know this to be true). We have to be so careful with our words, especially on social media, you don’t know who knows who or how what you say can be spread around.

I think it must be hard to grow up in the ‘Social Media Age’, where life experiences are distilled into tweets & statuses, where anonymous people can make nasty comments on things that can mean the most to you. I have been on Facebook since it started, I loved how it allowed me to connect with friends around the world. In the beginning I would post everything that would happen in my day, but I soon realized that this could lead to trouble, especially as the 400 people who became my Facebook friends did not always have friendly thoughts towards me. After having a “friend” help someone stalk me & my boyfriend, I knew that it was time to cull my friend list. Dropping serious dead weight by deleting all people I didn’t really know or that I wouldn’t speak to in a bar. (Speaking of which it might be time to shrink my circle a bit more… Hmmm something to think about) Acquaintances don’t need to know everything about you, and for that matter neither do your friends. If you wouldn’t call that person to tell them the news, why would you want them to learn about it in a post? I am friends with all different age groups, and what I’ve noticed with the 20 something age group is that they share everything, the good, the bad & the ugly. I personally don’t want people to know about fights I have with my significant other, especially since I wouldn’t want them to hold that against him. After all people fight and then make up every day, if people see your posts about every little fight then they would get a certain idea about your relationship that may not be true. Also it is possible that your partner will get tired of getting called out on Facebook and dump you. The same with your job, posting negative things regarding your job could result in you not having a job, especially as it is so easy to misconstrue someone’s written word.

Now that I am a teacher I’m even more careful about what I post (although I have a separate Facebook page for students) simply because what I post is a reflection of me & you never know how people will take what you say. & when it comes to relationships I choose to post only positive reviews, negative thoughts should be aired with that person in private.

It is the peaceful feeling my cousin had while giving up Facebook for lent combined with watching this video & this one that make me think less is more with regards to social media. I have decided to limit my interaction with Facebook, sharing only positive messages, liking other people’s important milestones, or updating my company Facebook pages for just a few minutes a day. The rest of the time I’ll be out in the world trying to fully enjoy the present moment… like yesterday when I stepped away from the computer & sat outside in the sun to have lunch & after the following photo I put the phone down & surrendered to the bliss of nature.


And if you too are thinking it might be time for a Facebook break, then you should watch this video about what Facebook is actually doing to you.

Daddy Dearest…

I’m sitting here watching the Twilight wedding (the hubby is away so chick flicks are great background company) and am reminded of my own wedding as Bella turns to her dad & says “don’t let me fall” & he replies “never”. I remember that moment vividly, looking out on to waiting guests & hoping you don’t trip but knowing that you will be safe this last time gripping on his arm. 20140220-205544.jpg as you can see I’ve got a death grip on his arm… Probably thanks to these babies… 20140220-210010.jpg
Thank goodness I was holding so tight! The previous wedding had thrown rose petals (yes I said previous wedding, when you get married on a lucky day there is one every hour on the hour in every location in Vegas lol) and halfway down my heel connected with one. I think this pic is right after my dad’s arm saved me from a fall, and I exclaimed something under my breath, you can see the death grip has returned lol.

It’s the last time you hold your dad’s arm in that same way, the vows about to be spoken make your husband your protector & your future…

20140220-215808.jpg but your father will always have a piece of your heart.

Personal Style… Cause & effect

I decided to apply for a dream job with a blog company… Fingers crossed. One of the desired characteristics was a great sense of personal style. Which got me to thinking about my personal style & why I have been remiss in speaking about it. After all its my sense of style that organizes my plates…

Influences my makeup…


& the way I decorate (& redecorate) my home…




As I get older my style becomes more and more like my mother. I’m drawn to colours that I’ve seen her wear (& decorate with).

20140130-225029.jpg my mother (circa my baby years)

20140130-225144.jpg my blue, blue/black shoe obsession! (Shoes are an addiction passed down to me by my mother)

20140130-225309.jpg my something blue on my favourite day…

20140130-225409.jpg blue shoe addict!!!

Don’t get me started on my dad. He’s fashion blog obsessed… And is so stylish he’s often on them!


20140130-230535.jpg in Canada.

20140130-230558.jpg his Street Fashion shoot.

20140130-230637.jpg his Satchi Stylist look.
And don’t think the shoe gene isn’t passed down thru him because…

20140130-230742.jpg you’d be wrong, he’s also obsessed. He is in love with “dead people movies” (what we jokingly call them since they are all black & white, & all the actors are no longer living), and it gives his outfits a real dapper gentleman flair. Like a leading man…


My wedding day was the day that represented my style the most. I had my hand in every detail of the day. Since we got married in Vegas, and we are both poker players I used playing cards as my theme. I made inserts for my floral bouquets, the invitations, the menus, and most importantly…

20140130-231410.jpg my bouquet! Which holds a pride of place amongst my favourite things.

I told my “girls” to pick a gray dress they loved & to wear that. No style or length restrictions. & I loved the mixed coordinated look that was the result.

My husband is way more into things matching so the groomsmen all wore matching suits.

20140130-232130.jpg (notice the boutonnières with the playing card suits – those are vintage drink stirrers I found on Etsy).

20140130-232338.jpg a few years of living with my husband & I now get a real perverse pleasure in matching. There’s a real strict matching rule when it comes to shirts with ties & shoes with outfits, needless to say its rubbed off on me (as I often pick out his shirt & tie combos & and have learnt how precise it must be lol).

Style is personal, & it should be fun. Something to make you smile as you head out the door to face the day.

Diary snippet – Cruise thoughts 23rd Nov 2011

“We are enjoying the atmosphere of the balcony. We saw a flock of birds, flying around the boat tonight. A first couldn’t tell if they were birds or bats. White bellies darting and swooping. Hard time seeing in the darkness the shape & sweep of their wing. It got harder to see, thought it might have been smoke until I blocked off the light & saw that it was raining. I am now sitting here enjoying the sound of the rain of the water. This is what I think it would sound like to float in a glass of champagne.”


Sliding doors… Thoughts on life

As I get older I look back on my life & see paths unchosen, moments where a simple changing of my mind would have meant a different life.
It brings to mind the movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow. I love how they tied this idea of simple choices & their effect on life, with the visual of a subway train… It really highlights that we underestimate these moments while we are in the middle of them, what we think is a small choice, a tiny decision, such as which stop to get off at in this metaphor, actually has a lasting effect.
Is the path untaken also unattainable? Or can one find their way back to it?


So I’ve been inspired by the IG community on many fronts, my diet & food presentation, the quality of my photography & style, & slowly but surely, my fitness. I’ve been following tons of IG yogis lately & am amazed by what they can do with their body; and it makes me want to work towards that.

20130929-012404.jpg I started with my bum up against the wall working on controlling my legs in different positions. Then I started working in engaging the core & moving the bum away from wall so it was above my shoulders. I also started working on my shoulder stability, pushing my elbows into the floor & giving my spine the freedom to lengthen in this position. Eventually getting my head off the floor.

Some great hashtags to search are: #yoga (obviously lol), #inversionarmy, #inversion, #headstand, #forearmstand, #handstand & #yogaintransit (which are IG videos of various poses & the movements to connect them together).

What I love about doing inversions is that it truly changes my perspective. It’s like an instant mood lift! I feel so much better after, calmer & more confident. It’s a great chance to focus on my breathing (& the inversions help when I’m congestion) and the fact that I’m concentrating on controlling all of my body means that the stuff that was stuck on repeat in my mind, shuts off for the precious minutes I stay upside down.

Some people whose pics inspire me thru my IG feed: @patrickbeach, @mackenzieyoga, @masumi_g, @beachyogagirl, @laurasykora, & @yogabeyond, @om_yogi.

So I’ve been practicing frequently, up until this week when I started feeling weak & ill. & today I was able to finally have my whole body floating away from the wall & completely straight! I’m so happy! Will definitely be continuing my work on these goals, including strengthening my forearm stands & moving into handstands.

20130929-013642.jpg A fantastic Sunday filled with yummy food, back bend work & puppy cuddles!

Finding your muse: you inspire my fantasies & bring colour to my imagination (W.I.P #2)

I think to be able to write creatively you must have a muse. Now I don’t believe that it has to be a person, it could be a time in your life that had a strong effect on you.
I use both, sometimes I write to a specific person, as though I were telling them a story, and sometimes I use times in my life (both good & bad) that still echo within to this day.

W.I.P #2

Wishing I could sail away
Back into my memory
To youthful summers in the sun
Days & nights of warmth…
Laughter… Echoing out on the waves…
Lapping at the boat,
As we gently rock
In the arms of Mother Nature
Off to the island of dreams.
~ author: me

Excited for fall!

I don’t know if its the weather (Tropical Storm Gabrielle)

or the halloweeny pic below but I’m getting excited for fall.

Instead of melting the minute I move in the morning, I will be able to wear layers! Plus pants & boots! I love fall. Unfortunately it’s not as beautiful as the US or Canada with the changing colours, but the relief from the heat allows you to be able to enjoy the sunshine again here (until winter & the rainy days come).
Plus I’ve had my first taste of pumpkin! Soon it will be pumpkin spice coffee time.

20130911-000823.jpg pumpkin pancakes with bacon, maple syrup, whipped cream & roasted pumpkin seeds (& a side of home potatoes).
Trying to stay positive about life in general remembering that even the grayest day can produce rainbows.

Sept 11th update:
It’s officially pumpkin spice coffee time! Had one today & it was delicious.

Can’t wait for the cooler days to be a permanent thing.