Produce Junkie

Whenever I go on vacation I hit up the produce section of a nearby grocery store… where I buy way too much produce because it is cheap & super fresh. Or even better I get lucky & find a farmer’s stall.
Some of my platters from this week:







Even enjoyed some dishes that I can see inspiring my future plates.


Like this mushroom toast with arugula, parmesan, sautéed mushrooms & pesto smear.


Or this fabulous cheese plate with jam,  fresh fruits, nuts & various crackers.


This was a cooked beet salad with goat cheese,  micro greens & edible flowers that I had at a friend’s wedding.

Sip & See

So I decided that I wanted to have a sip & see party for Tré back when I was planning the baby shower. I had seen it on a reality show (Preachers of LA I think… don’t judge me lol) and thought it was such a cute idea.  Loved ones coming together to meet your new addition. Yes they have seen pictures (especially if they are Facebook friends or on instagram as I’m obsessed and can’t help but to post at least a couple a day) but that’s nothing like seeing him in person.
There was good food…


There were desserts!



There were hugs…


There was fussing over the man of the hour…


There were cuddles with daddy…


& there was a desire to keep the party going until it got dark…


So happy with how it turned out. Great time was has by all.

Hydrate x eight

I’ve seen tons of people on my IG feed stressing the importance of drinking enough water… But it wasn’t until I read this that my goal for drinking more water became more concrete. My newly quantified goal is to drink 2 of these

20140503-185604.jpg a day.
How will I go from not drinking even 2 pints of water a day to drinking eight? By adding flavour! It all started with the fresh mint growing on my balcony, which made me crave mint tea like I get in Amsterdam.

So I decided to make my own!

20140503-190915.jpg Which I took everywhere…

20140503-191442.jpg & soon I decided to make a flavoured water to take to a baby shower.

20140503-185933.jpg I used mint & Jamaican mint sprigs, cucumber, apple & strawberries with a squeeze of lemon & lime.
I’ve become the strange teacher at school for all the weird things I walk around drinking. But some kids are super interested in trying it or eating the things in my jars (even the mint!)

I’m going to reach my hydration goals by taking my water everywhere & by trying not to drink anything but water or my flavoured water (& a cup or two of coffee because that’s a necessity!) every day this summer (cocktails don’t count but may make some watery cocktails to cheat a bit less lol).

“Get up & dance, get up & smile, get up & drink to the days that are gone in the shortest while” ~ Simon Fowler

I am a beverage lover! Flavoured waters, juices, cocktails, coffee & wine make my day.
I started flavouring my water because I know that I don’t drink enough of it & it’s important for health. Lucky for me my dad got me a funky water diffuser to take to work & the pilates studio.

20140407-215337.jpg squeeze of lemon with apple & strawberry slices.
I’ve been loving Bacardi’s pineapple coconut rum! It’s been popping up in most of my cocktails & has me excited for the beginnings of summer. I used it here:

20140407-215757.jpg Spiked mango lassi anyone?

20140407-232530.jpg or it’s perfect to add to gas station slushies for an adult slushie.
Or my other favourite is tequila from Mexico that I’m slowly savouring with individual cocktails from time to time.

20140407-215940.jpg Fresh juice (grape/strawberry & loquat/strawberry/orange) with tequila & white tea.

20140407-233159.jpg Green juice with basil & mint, mixed with pear vodka. Trying to play with savoury flavours in my cocktails thanks to the wonderful pineapple basil mojito I had in Las Vegas.



I’m obsessed with salad. It’s my go-to meal. I feel like everything is healthier when you pair it with a salad. Like my dinner this evening, I only gave myself a spoonful of starch, with a modest portion of meat, surrounded by vegetables.

I loved this salad, goat cheese & honey / goat cheese & apple & honey mustard wrapped up in prosciutto, and then put in the broiler for a few minutes.


Veggie hash eggs

So my new favourite breakfast is veggie hash eggs. Best part is that I’m getting more vegetables in my daily diet, while my plates are more filling, less fattening & less expensive!

So thankful to the IG #fitfam #fitnation for being an inspiration. As you can see from the above pic, I was inspired by @jshealth to make these eggs the first time & I’ve loved them every time since. They remind me of the bird’s nest eggs that my mom used to make me as a child but since they are sans bread they are carb/gluten/guilt free!

20140302-174400.jpg added some buffalo chicken sausage to the veggies in this one, along with some buffalo wing sauce… Yum!

20140302-180101.jpg Steak & eggs veggie-hash style. I feel the best when my plate is mostly covered in vegetables, if I’d been really feeling up to it I would have done a quick side salad too so that I was eating some raw veg as well.
How do I make my veggie hash eggs super healthy? I use coconut oil instead of cooking spray (sometimes I’ll add some organic olive oil or toasted sesame oil for flavour). I use healthy spices such as turmeric, garlic, Himalayan pink sea salt, Bragg’s sea kelp seasoning & pepper. I use ton of healthy, yummy, & as much as possible local, vegetables. Before I add the egg/s I add a splash of organic apple cider vinegar to the veggies. Then I use organic hormone free eggs… & voila! Healthiness on a plate!!

Valentine’s Day Dinner – #hubbyapproved

I decided to give my husband the gift of my time & effort for this Valentine’s Day. Pulling out all the stops, & pans in this case, I made him a yummy steak dinner. First dish I prepared were cheesy roasted potatoes. I put olive oil, nutritional yeast, Parmesan cheese & a splash of vinegar into a ziplock bag. I then added the chopped potatoes to the bag & tossed them around. Potatoes then go into a glass roasting dish then off to the oven at 350 degrees. I love using the nutritional yeast to cut the amount of cheese used and for its own cheesy flavour.
I sautéed the mushrooms in mixture of coconut & sesame oil with garlic & spices. After the mushrooms were cooked I added red wine & put them in a pot to stay warm. I got the cast iron skillet & yet another frying pan hot with oil, butter & garlic. The grass fed steak went into the cast iron skillet. I’ve been frying red meat in my hand me down (aka the best kind of) skillet since my failed experiment with vegetarianism, but that is a post all on its own. There is something about the flavour of meat cooked in a well seasoned skillet that is not attainable in a Teflon frying pan.
The green beans, washed & dried, go into the hot frying pan with a spoonful of garlic added to the oil. I fried the beans until I got a bit of char on the outsides, and then I added a shiitake mushroom teriyaki sauce for a few minutes until steak was done.
And voila! A meal my hubby devoured! I even got a compliment on a vegetable dish (the green beans) which left me pleased I had put such effort into dinner. Even if I wasn’t looking forward to the clean up lol.