About me

My Instagram profile says “IGAddict, PilatesInstructor, SkyGazer, JamMaker, FoodArtist, MadJuicer, ParttimeVegetarian, MakeupObsessed, Instacanv.asSeller, WordPressBlogger” a rather succinct way of putting my whole being into print. I am an only child who was encouraged to be a dreamer, or at least I wasn’t discouraged from it. I still believe that if you follow your passion that it will pay off in the end.
I love food & I think good times can always be improved by good wine, good friends & good food. In the past couple of years I have become more obsessed with eating well, and as such have developed a passion & a business based on fresh juice & homemade jam. I’m striving to be healthier, eating less chemicals & junk, and the best way to achieve this is to cook for yourself. I use food as an outlet for expression, a way to create something beautiful & tasty. Check out #foodasart to see what I mean. I have used my forays into vegetarianism & raw food to help influence flavour profile of my juices, jams & plates.
I am obsessed with my dogs, makeup, & nature so these things are often in my IG feed. Trying to keep a healthy balance between my addiction to social media, my businesses, & my friends & family.

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