Confessions of a traveling curly girl

So traveling can be a challenge for a curly girl. Wondering what the weather will do to your hair? Is it humid or dry? Will your hair frizz? Will it be to limp? I’ve come up with a few tricks to ensure that my curl looks good wherever I go.

1. This might be obvious but I bring my tried & true products with me. These are usually products I’ve bought & used in a drier climate but that also work well in the high humidity of my island home. If the products work in 2 extremes of dry & moist then they will work in most moderate climates too.
2. Layer layer layer – I layer from thinnest to thickest product allowing me to stop when I feel like my hair has been saturated enough. I like to start with a leave in conditioner,  then use a curl lotion, then finish with a curl cream. This helps to seal in the curl shape no matter the climate.
3. Speaking of conditioner – if I’m in somewhere that causes my skin to feel super tight (such as Canada, Vegas or winter anywhere other than Bermuda) then I know that my hair will be dry too. I then use the conditioner from the shower as the bottom layer of my styling. Sometimes a regular conditioner,  sometimes a deep conditioner.
4. Shower time – means no shampooing,  unless my hair gets really dirty or I try a new product & don’t like the feel of it in my hair, instead I use conditioner to finger comb my hair out then rinse. I like to style my hair in the shower with the conditioner in so that I don’t have to touch the curl when I get out of the shower other than squeezing out excess water & putting in product.


My current travel line up.

5. I always travel with a curl/conditioning spray to re-wet sections of my curls that have died too fast & have started to frizz (the one pictured above, far left is a mixture of several different conditioning sprays).
6. When in doubt, use natural products. I’ve brought my deep conditioning hair oil that I make from all organic natural oils which I’ll use to pull back my hair into a ponytail. I’ve also brought a bottle of coconut oil which can be used when the curl is dry to break up each curl for some volume without creating frizz. I also use it as a makeup remover, face & body moisturizer.

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