It’s been forever!

It’s been forever & a day since my last post. I have been so busy with teaching & juicing & pilates that I haven’t had a moment to write. Teaching is such a challenging job but also so rewarding! I loved my substitute teaching placement & hope to work there again soon. Such a great team to work with!! The teachers & the students made me feel so loved!

20140711-233359.jpgAlthough I was done teaching I was still busy as I had a ton of juicing, good thing I had a student helper!

20140711-234349.jpgAfter my substitute teaching contract was up, I decided that I needed some workshops to spice up my instructing for Pilates. I decided that ZEN•GA was going to be perfect because of its focus on fascia stimulation & mindful movement. I had an absolutely fantastic week in Toronto training with Pj O’Clair herself!

20140715-090120.jpg (here she is explaining the movement of the diaphragms with the breath).
I also got to spend time with one of my besties Darrell. We spent the time that I wasn’t in training; drinking tea, eating good food, shopping (a lot!!) & doing my hair. It was a great recharge week & helped me get into my summer vibe.
Some Toronto pics:



20140715-090609.jpg (those are tempura fried apples! With chicken & bacon! I asked them to add goat cheese & voila! Deliciousness!!)

20140715-090735.jpg (World Pride was starting the day I left so the streets were decked out in rainbows!)

20140715-090941.jpg (yummy cocktails! Tried the Burnt Honey & the Blackberry)

20140715-090959.jpg Tried some exotic meat that we purchased at the St. Lawrence Market (which was awesome & I bought some yummy condiments… not the only place where I bought food, went a bit crazy on this trip as you will see in next pic.)

Spent a couple nights with my family in Arnprior (a town outside of Ottawa). It was great. Had a quiet morning to myself (only person up before me was my uncle who went out to play golf)… so I hung out with this guy

20140715-091318.jpg and once my aunt was up & ready… this happened

We took a drive thru the country side, had some DQ, saw a calf just after being birthed, went to the family storage unit, and hung out with my grandma.




20140715-092240.jpg Eating berries on my grandma’s couch, hanging with my grandma & 2 cats, while looking at memories.




Next post… my next vacation & the week home between… ahh love summer!!

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