“Get up & dance, get up & smile, get up & drink to the days that are gone in the shortest while” ~ Simon Fowler

I am a beverage lover! Flavoured waters, juices, cocktails, coffee & wine make my day.
I started flavouring my water because I know that I don’t drink enough of it & it’s important for health. Lucky for me my dad got me a funky water diffuser to take to work & the pilates studio.

20140407-215337.jpg squeeze of lemon with apple & strawberry slices.
I’ve been loving Bacardi’s pineapple coconut rum! It’s been popping up in most of my cocktails & has me excited for the beginnings of summer. I used it here:

20140407-215757.jpg Spiked mango lassi anyone?

20140407-232530.jpg or it’s perfect to add to gas station slushies for an adult slushie.
Or my other favourite is tequila from Mexico that I’m slowly savouring with individual cocktails from time to time.

20140407-215940.jpg Fresh juice (grape/strawberry & loquat/strawberry/orange) with tequila & white tea.

20140407-233159.jpg Green juice with basil & mint, mixed with pear vodka. Trying to play with savoury flavours in my cocktails thanks to the wonderful pineapple basil mojito I had in Las Vegas.


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