Veggie hash eggs

So my new favourite breakfast is veggie hash eggs. Best part is that I’m getting more vegetables in my daily diet, while my plates are more filling, less fattening & less expensive!

So thankful to the IG #fitfam #fitnation for being an inspiration. As you can see from the above pic, I was inspired by @jshealth to make these eggs the first time & I’ve loved them every time since. They remind me of the bird’s nest eggs that my mom used to make me as a child but since they are sans bread they are carb/gluten/guilt free!

20140302-174400.jpg added some buffalo chicken sausage to the veggies in this one, along with some buffalo wing sauce… Yum!

20140302-180101.jpg Steak & eggs veggie-hash style. I feel the best when my plate is mostly covered in vegetables, if I’d been really feeling up to it I would have done a quick side salad too so that I was eating some raw veg as well.
How do I make my veggie hash eggs super healthy? I use coconut oil instead of cooking spray (sometimes I’ll add some organic olive oil or toasted sesame oil for flavour). I use healthy spices such as turmeric, garlic, Himalayan pink sea salt, Bragg’s sea kelp seasoning & pepper. I use ton of healthy, yummy, & as much as possible local, vegetables. Before I add the egg/s I add a splash of organic apple cider vinegar to the veggies. Then I use organic hormone free eggs… & voila! Healthiness on a plate!!

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