Daddy Dearest…

I’m sitting here watching the Twilight wedding (the hubby is away so chick flicks are great background company) and am reminded of my own wedding as Bella turns to her dad & says “don’t let me fall” & he replies “never”. I remember that moment vividly, looking out on to waiting guests & hoping you don’t trip but knowing that you will be safe this last time gripping on his arm. 20140220-205544.jpg as you can see I’ve got a death grip on his arm… Probably thanks to these babies… 20140220-210010.jpg
Thank goodness I was holding so tight! The previous wedding had thrown rose petals (yes I said previous wedding, when you get married on a lucky day there is one every hour on the hour in every location in Vegas lol) and halfway down my heel connected with one. I think this pic is right after my dad’s arm saved me from a fall, and I exclaimed something under my breath, you can see the death grip has returned lol.

It’s the last time you hold your dad’s arm in that same way, the vows about to be spoken make your husband your protector & your future…

20140220-215808.jpg but your father will always have a piece of your heart.

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