Valentine’s Day Dinner – #hubbyapproved

I decided to give my husband the gift of my time & effort for this Valentine’s Day. Pulling out all the stops, & pans in this case, I made him a yummy steak dinner. First dish I prepared were cheesy roasted potatoes. I put olive oil, nutritional yeast, Parmesan cheese & a splash of vinegar into a ziplock bag. I then added the chopped potatoes to the bag & tossed them around. Potatoes then go into a glass roasting dish then off to the oven at 350 degrees. I love using the nutritional yeast to cut the amount of cheese used and for its own cheesy flavour.
I sautéed the mushrooms in mixture of coconut & sesame oil with garlic & spices. After the mushrooms were cooked I added red wine & put them in a pot to stay warm. I got the cast iron skillet & yet another frying pan hot with oil, butter & garlic. The grass fed steak went into the cast iron skillet. I’ve been frying red meat in my hand me down (aka the best kind of) skillet since my failed experiment with vegetarianism, but that is a post all on its own. There is something about the flavour of meat cooked in a well seasoned skillet that is not attainable in a Teflon frying pan.
The green beans, washed & dried, go into the hot frying pan with a spoonful of garlic added to the oil. I fried the beans until I got a bit of char on the outsides, and then I added a shiitake mushroom teriyaki sauce for a few minutes until steak was done.
And voila! A meal my hubby devoured! I even got a compliment on a vegetable dish (the green beans) which left me pleased I had put such effort into dinner. Even if I wasn’t looking forward to the clean up lol.

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