Cocktails… Stepping up my game!

No longer do I make college girl cocktails (“hard liquor, ice, & simply add soda” style) but have been inspired by cooking shows to take it to the next level. How about an Arugula Mojito (thank you Cooking Channel’s Extra Virgin!) or Nutterfluffer (Alie & Georgia) for a yummy imagination starter?
I like to use in season fruit (aka on sale) in my cocktails because fruit can be quite expensive here.
Blackberries were on special so I made this…

20140215-155258.jpg muddled blackberries & mint, topped with Goslings Black Seal rum & ginger beer, decorated with a sprig of mint.
To mimic the end of the meal, the dessert…

20140215-155659.jpg rum cake with blackberry rum glaze & vanilla ice cream.
Then I found a spot to get cheap(ish) blood oranges. So…

20140215-160122.jpg blood orange, carrot & beet juice with homemade loquat vodka & Lorina blood orange soda, blood orange slice to decorate.
& then my favourite season… Strawberry season!! Where we have both local (super yummy!) & imported (aka cheaper than usual) strawberries.

20140215-160939.jpg fresh blood orange juice with pineapple, mango & strawberries with vodka & a splash of water. So yummy & refreshing!! I often add a bit of water to my cocktails. I find it helps them to quench your thirst. Especially when I’m using fresh juice as it doesn’t have water added like store bought juice so can be quite concentrated in flavour.
We even got fancy with the Christmas mimosas…

20140215-162043.jpg blood orange juice & rose champagne = yummy!!
I recommend checking out Cooking Channel’s “Tripping Out with Alie & Georgia” or Bobby Flay’s “Brunch with Bobby” for great cocktail inspirations. Or be brave & order something exotic off the drink menu next time you go out to a bar or restaurant, or better yet.. ask your bartender to surprise you (you can always specify what liquor you want in it). I got this delightful cucumber concoction last time I told a bartender to surprise me (I did tell him I wanted to be refreshed).

20140215-170037.jpg look at all that cucumber! I’m dreaming of a cucumber cocktail made with fresh cucumber mint juice, cucumber slices, vodka & a splash of club soda. Come on summer!!
What’s your favourite cocktail ingredient? Is it seasonal for you or can you drink it any time of year?

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