My “5” face

My “5” face is where I spend 5 minutes using 5 products to give my face a fresh look.

This little routine makes all the difference to my day. I feel more alert & refreshed (a trick of the mind after a look in the mirror), plus I can have confidence in my appearance throughout the day’s interactions.
My must haves are my Beauty Blender egg – it helps blend my eye concealer & apply my foundation. I use a sephore eye concealer pen for the darkness of the inner eye area, with an under eye concealer for the rest (usually also sephora but I’ve run out so drugstore replacement it is). I use my Blender egg to blend the under eye makeup, taking some of it up on to upper lid (as I’ve gotten older I notice the skin on my kids changing, no longer uniform in tone). Love all the new skin match foundation choices at the drugstore. L’Oreal True Match Lumi is my newest purchase & I’m digging the light dewiness it gives my skin. Some Benefit “They’re Real” mascara & I’m good to go! Some days I may finish with a touch of Bare Minerals Warmth bronzer or set the foundation with a bit of MAC powder. On my way in to work I throw on a bit of shimmer gloss in a soft pink or peach & I feel ‘naturally’ beautiful. If I have a few more minutes to get ready I will do a quick smoky eye. Like…




Makeup is one of my most important morning rituals, donning my armor for the day.

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