Personal Style… Cause & effect

I decided to apply for a dream job with a blog company… Fingers crossed. One of the desired characteristics was a great sense of personal style. Which got me to thinking about my personal style & why I have been remiss in speaking about it. After all its my sense of style that organizes my plates…

Influences my makeup…


& the way I decorate (& redecorate) my home…




As I get older my style becomes more and more like my mother. I’m drawn to colours that I’ve seen her wear (& decorate with).

20140130-225029.jpg my mother (circa my baby years)

20140130-225144.jpg my blue, blue/black shoe obsession! (Shoes are an addiction passed down to me by my mother)

20140130-225309.jpg my something blue on my favourite day…

20140130-225409.jpg blue shoe addict!!!

Don’t get me started on my dad. He’s fashion blog obsessed… And is so stylish he’s often on them!


20140130-230535.jpg in Canada.

20140130-230558.jpg his Street Fashion shoot.

20140130-230637.jpg his Satchi Stylist look.
And don’t think the shoe gene isn’t passed down thru him because…

20140130-230742.jpg you’d be wrong, he’s also obsessed. He is in love with “dead people movies” (what we jokingly call them since they are all black & white, & all the actors are no longer living), and it gives his outfits a real dapper gentleman flair. Like a leading man…


My wedding day was the day that represented my style the most. I had my hand in every detail of the day. Since we got married in Vegas, and we are both poker players I used playing cards as my theme. I made inserts for my floral bouquets, the invitations, the menus, and most importantly…

20140130-231410.jpg my bouquet! Which holds a pride of place amongst my favourite things.

I told my “girls” to pick a gray dress they loved & to wear that. No style or length restrictions. & I loved the mixed coordinated look that was the result.

My husband is way more into things matching so the groomsmen all wore matching suits.

20140130-232130.jpg (notice the boutonnières with the playing card suits – those are vintage drink stirrers I found on Etsy).

20140130-232338.jpg a few years of living with my husband & I now get a real perverse pleasure in matching. There’s a real strict matching rule when it comes to shirts with ties & shoes with outfits, needless to say its rubbed off on me (as I often pick out his shirt & tie combos & and have learnt how precise it must be lol).

Style is personal, & it should be fun. Something to make you smile as you head out the door to face the day.

Feeling run down…

Vacations, holidays, & busy times being self employed always leave me feeling drained. To combat feeling rundown I use a couple different additions to my daily routine & my tea.

20140115-233517.jpg I add coconut oil, organic ACV (apple cider vinegar) & often a squeeze of lemon to my tea. While the oscillococcinum, fresh oranges & oregano oil are all additional dietary supplements that I take when I’m starting to feel ill but don’t go in my tea.