A Dam good vacation, a Dam good place to be

December 3rd: so it’s the first real day of my holiday, for although I’ve been counting down to December 2nd, it is only after half a day of traveling, that I can finally consider myself on vacation. Sitting in a coffee shop, with a cappuccino in my hand I finally have a moment of peace. Middle seat for 6 & 1/2 hours is not an easy task. Oh to move my elbows freely again, to not be confined within the sides of my seat (little less actually as both my hubby & other passenger were asleep & sprawling out a bit). Poor hubby had an uncomfortable flight due to his tummy, I just didn’t sleep as much as I should have but I’m determined to get right on to Amsterdam time & beat jetlag into submission.
December 4th: today some of our friends join us in Amsterdam. The hubby is still sick so I took them around while he rested. We decided to go to Barney’s for lunch & then walked down to the Anne Frankhuis (Anne Frank house) which is now a museum. I have been before, but it is such a deeply moving place that it certainly doesn’t get lessened by a repeat visit. I think I will read “The Diary of Anne Frank” again the year.
December 5th: a return trip to the Heineken Experience – best beer anywhere! But if you truly love Heineken don’t drink it here, no bottle will ever satisfy you again lol.
December 6th: breakfast & last minute shopping with the friends before they continue on to Rome. Spent the afternoon getting a lovely manicure. 20131217-003835.jpg
Hubby started to feel better over the weekend so we could get down to the business of enjoying our vacation. Here’s some of my favourite pics from the streets of Amsterdam.

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