Green juice addicted!!

After juicing for over a year I have realized what all dedicated juicers finally do… Green juice is the best juice to drink. I have found juicing to boost my immune system & my energy levels, while helping me to curb my cravings for bad foods by increasing my cravings for healthy fruits & vegetables (I still want bad things…. chips, cookies etc, but now I love to fill my plates with beautiful fresh food). To make sure that juicing does not make me put on weight I have begun making my juices mostly greens and veggies with just an apple for a touch of sweetness (& as a vehicle for my ginger) and a lemon (56.5calories/8oz) for freshness (plus it enhances phytonutrients). For example 8oz of juice made from greens is 68 calories versus 8oz of apple or orange juice which is 112 calories. Some of the best things to juice for weight loss are: greens as mentioned above (I like & rotate between kale, chard, lettuce [such as romaine or endive which fits easily into my juice chute], carrot tops, bok choy, spinach, cilantro, parsley, & watercress), tomatoes (48calories/8oz), cucumbers (12calories/8oz) or berries (strawberries 90calories/8oz, blackberries 95calories/8oz). Other tricks I use is adding fresh homemade unsweetened! ice tea, or coconut water (50calories/8oz) to my juice – increasing the water content since I know one of my eating triggers is actually me being dehydrated.
Some of my recent yummy green juices:



20131108-194300.jpg (green juice & foam roller time is always good when you are feeling under the weather)

Seems that I also have a thing for bananas recently, especially local ones. I was even lucky enough to get a handful of “strawberry ” bananas from a neighbour (which I believe to be a type of Lady Finger bananas since my research says they are shorter & sweeter, but am unable to find mention of strawberry bananas so I believe that to just be a local name for them). Here is a pic of them, as you can see they are shorter & fatter.


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