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I first wrote about my headstand goal in a blog post in late September which you can read here and I’m happy to say that quite a lot of progress has been made. I started by using the wall as prop, but while there would do several exercises: I would work on bringing one leg at a time away from the wall so that it was stacked above hips & shoulders, I worked on pressing away from the floor & having shoulders travel away up my back away from my ears (this helps with the transition to forearm stand),

(me smiling & pressing away from floor up to forearm stand)
I practiced holding my legs at 90 degrees so that they were parallel to the floor (this is made easier by putting bum against the wall & folding from hips until you get stronger & can keep hips stacked above shoulders), tucking my knees to chest then back up to ceiling & legs out to the sides & stag (demonstrated in pic below).

Next I decided to work on control, there is no way you can do a headstand in the middle of the room if you have to fling your legs up, as the momentum will carry you right over to land on your back. So still working near the wall, I practiced reaching one leg up then slowly pulling up the other leg. At the moment my right leg always goes up first, with my left leg following, soon one of my exercises will be to switch this pattern. This can be surprisingly challenging as everyone has a dominant leg, or side of the body, next time challenge yourself in your workout by switching what side you start your exercise on.

20131103-171404.jpg (my very first wall-free, prop-free, spotter-free headstand, taken on Halloween night)
My future yoga goals include strengthening my forearm stand & getting more confident so I can move up to a handstand. Lucky for me there is a IG# designed just for that. This month @beachyogagirl is putting on #byghandstand101 where she is giving tips & exercises to strengthen your handstand. Feeling up to the challenge but I’m 3 days behind so must catch up!
I am very pleased to announce that I completed a professional & personal goal last month, I finally got my first aid/CPR certification through St. John’s Ambulance…. Bonus was all the Canadian accents in the videos (I’m half Canadian & I miss living there!).

20131103-171920.jpg I enjoyed it so much that I think I will do the next level up early next year.

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