Halloween Manicures

Life has been busy busy busy. Haven’t had time to write anything, but I guess I also haven’t had any inspiration either. Hopefully the drought will end, I’ve been working on a bio for a new job and its forcing the cobwebs out of my brain slowly & surely.
I find when I get too stuck in my head that some time spent with a good friend will help snap me out of it. So I decided to go to a friend’s house & give her a Halloween manicure.

I did a candy corn manicure last year, and once my friend told me they were her favourite I knew that I would do some on her. She’s a unique mix & match kinda girl so I decided to do different designs on her nails & have the hands similar but not the exact same.

(my candy corn mani from last year)
I loved the blood effect so when I got home I decided to do my own.

Next year I’ll be doing these nails (in Dexter’s honour lol) for Halloween.

Got into the Halloween spirit with a coworker today. She just happened to have extra cat ears (that matched my outfit… which if you know me, you know I’m a sucker for matching) which she offered to me when I got into work. Next thing I know she has convinced me to add a nose & whiskers. Good times… purrfect times lol.


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