Halloween Manicures

Life has been busy busy busy. Haven’t had time to write anything, but I guess I also haven’t had any inspiration either. Hopefully the drought will end, I’ve been working on a bio for a new job and its forcing the cobwebs out of my brain slowly & surely.
I find when I get too stuck in my head that some time spent with a good friend will help snap me out of it. So I decided to go to a friend’s house & give her a Halloween manicure.

I did a candy corn manicure last year, and once my friend told me they were her favourite I knew that I would do some on her. She’s a unique mix & match kinda girl so I decided to do different designs on her nails & have the hands similar but not the exact same.

(my candy corn mani from last year)
I loved the blood effect so when I got home I decided to do my own.

Next year I’ll be doing these nails (in Dexter’s honour lol) for Halloween.

Got into the Halloween spirit with a coworker today. She just happened to have extra cat ears (that matched my outfit… which if you know me, you know I’m a sucker for matching) which she offered to me when I got into work. Next thing I know she has convinced me to add a nose & whiskers. Good times… purrfect times lol.


Food Glorious Food #2 – #saladalldayeveryday & frozen yogurt!

I put salad on every plate I make, whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner. I think it pairs with everything & it makes me feel so much healthier eating veggies (raw or roasted) with every meal.





Just noticed how many plates had burrata on them. Love burrata (mozzarella ball with a creamy center aka deliciousness!!)

New addiction downtown, we finally have a frozen yogurt Sunday store! Bermuda can be so behind the times! It’s been busy every time I drive by or go in. Crazy!

20131013-175922.jpg All the flavours I like are low-fat or non-fat so I don’t feel so guilty lol. & I love popping strawberry boobas in my mouth!

So quiet

I sit so quiet
Because I have too much to say
Thinking, dreaming, praying
Troubling my nights & taking up my day
I sit so quiet
Waiting for you to make a sound
Whispering, speaking, yelling
Showing that an emotion has been found
I sit so quiet
I know not what to say
Thinking, dreaming, praying
Hoping I will find a way.
~ author: me


Sliding doors… Thoughts on life

As I get older I look back on my life & see paths unchosen, moments where a simple changing of my mind would have meant a different life.
It brings to mind the movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow. I love how they tied this idea of simple choices & their effect on life, with the visual of a subway train… It really highlights that we underestimate these moments while we are in the middle of them, what we think is a small choice, a tiny decision, such as which stop to get off at in this metaphor, actually has a lasting effect.
Is the path untaken also unattainable? Or can one find their way back to it?

Simple is best…

I look back on this breakfast with extreme fondness, it’s from my NYC vacation that was my health epiphany. I was with a friend helping her through surgery that left her only able to juice. Pre-op we were trying to eat as healthy as possible so that the transition to strict juice wouldn’t be as hard. I stocked up on fruit at Trader Joe’s & Whole Foods (laughing at the prices as Bermuda prices are higher for poorer quality, fruit in particular) so that she could have a variety of juices.
This meal made me realize how much I missed living away. Simple, fresh, local (& inexpensive) ingredients to create a lovely summer morning meal.