Finding your muse: you inspire my fantasies & bring colour to my imagination (W.I.P #2)

I think to be able to write creatively you must have a muse. Now I don’t believe that it has to be a person, it could be a time in your life that had a strong effect on you.
I use both, sometimes I write to a specific person, as though I were telling them a story, and sometimes I use times in my life (both good & bad) that still echo within to this day.

W.I.P #2

Wishing I could sail away
Back into my memory
To youthful summers in the sun
Days & nights of warmth…
Laughter… Echoing out on the waves…
Lapping at the boat,
As we gently rock
In the arms of Mother Nature
Off to the island of dreams.
~ author: me

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