Deconstructed: Salad ~ memories of Vegas

I prefer salad composed of different piles of stuff as opposed to all jumbled because I love putting my individual bites together, creating different flavour profiles with each forkful & I find the organization more visually pleasing.
Had a salad last night with arugula, blood orange & goat cheese, & it made me think of this salad…

20130921-003301.jpg (which is a roasted red & yellow beet salad with goat cheese & blood oranges from The Cut = my favourite restaurant in Vegas).

So tonight my salad just had to have some beets to pair with the blood orange/arugula/goat cheese flavour combo. Unfortunately I didn’t have any roasted or pickled beets but I did have the beet greens which I used raw two ways to add in beet flavour.

Clockwise from top right: arugula with beet stems, avocado with pink salt & bee pollen & Bragg’s sea kelp seasoning & pepper, then beet greens with yellow tomatoes & chia seeds, alfalfa sprouts with blood orange segments & honey goat cheese, & sliced forelle pear in the center. Vinaigrette: mustard, lemon, poppy seed dressing, buffalo sauce, & tangerine juice.

It was so yummy!! Tomorrow night I’m roasting beets! (Along with some Brussel sprouts) & will be adding to them to salads next week. What are you craving/making this weekend?

One thought on “Deconstructed: Salad ~ memories of Vegas

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