Constructing a salad (yes another post on salad lol)

So one of the things that should be known about me is that I can fixate on flavours & will eat them multiple days in a row. So with that, you must know that I’m still obsessing about this salad…

20130921-193536.jpg which I used as the inspiration for this salad last night.

Tonight I decided to do a “jumbled” version to more closely mimic the plate I got in Vegas at The Cut. I decided to take pics of every single step so that I could do another post on salad arranging but this time on free form as opposed to organized piles.

I have a ton of alfalfa sprouts so I wanted to make sure to use a lot of those, but didn’t want to put them on top & obstruct the view of all the ingredients.

20130921-194040.jpg So I decided to add them first, using a snake like pattern on the plate with the thought to add different greens in the curves.
Then I added the arugula (my current favourite green, absolutely love them with poached eggs).

Next came the beet greens (I contemplated adding thin slices of beets as well but thought that I would just stick to using the greens & save the beets for roasting).

20130921-194415.jpg I cut the leaf part away from the stem & washed them separately. I cut the leaves in a thick chiffonade, & the stems on the bias.

Then came the watercress that I bought this evening.

Then 3 cheeses…

20130921-195401.jpg A soft local goat cheese, a chive onion cream cheese & a honey goat cheese.

Then came the fruit!

20130921-195833.jpg Forelle pear slices, red seedless grapes quartered, yellow tomatoes quartered (similar shapes, similar cuts to keep things from looking too disorganized) & blood orange segments.

I added a bit of coconut rice & miso glazed salmon leftovers from the restaurant where I work. For dressing I used some lime passion fruit vinaigrette from work & the rest of my vinaigrette from last night’s salad.


20130921-200542.jpg A close up because it looks so good!

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