Playing with light

One of my favourite things to do with my iPhone is play with catching light in my photos.

20130915-001333.jpgCatching sun rays in the lens, experiencing morning in all it’s glory.

20130915-172316.jpg I like when I get sun spots in my shot, reminds me of my days shooting with plastic cameras such as the Diana & Holga lol (before I found hipstamatic & instagram).


20130915-171807.jpgI love how IG reminds me that the sun is but a star.


20130915-002437.jpgUsing the sun to spotlight the item. (Hands obviously work well because you always have them lol)


20130915-002207.jpgOr using light behind the item to create patterns with shadows.

I also like to play with light sources at night.

20130915-003419.jpgSome solar lights in my parents yard.

20130915-003635.jpgBaby girl & her light up ball.

20130915-003931.jpgNighttime selfie with my desk light lol. Throwback from 2011.

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