Excited for fall!

I don’t know if its the weather (Tropical Storm Gabrielle)

or the halloweeny pic below but I’m getting excited for fall.

Instead of melting the minute I move in the morning, I will be able to wear layers! Plus pants & boots! I love fall. Unfortunately it’s not as beautiful as the US or Canada with the changing colours, but the relief from the heat allows you to be able to enjoy the sunshine again here (until winter & the rainy days come).
Plus I’ve had my first taste of pumpkin! Soon it will be pumpkin spice coffee time.

20130911-000823.jpg pumpkin pancakes with bacon, maple syrup, whipped cream & roasted pumpkin seeds (& a side of home potatoes).
Trying to stay positive about life in general remembering that even the grayest day can produce rainbows.

Sept 11th update:
It’s officially pumpkin spice coffee time! Had one today & it was delicious.

Can’t wait for the cooler days to be a permanent thing.

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