“come take a sail round the stars”

Traveling on a star
Shining beacon in the inky darkness
Staring out at the many shades of black…
deepest navy more black than blue,
black that is more an absence than a colour
Such that inhabit a painter’s dark mood
And there in the distance, at mind’s suggested horizon,
A dark chasm,
From which the rest of night pours forth,
A dark line so absent from light…
it looks like the mouth of a god
I’m seeing the dark like primal man,
like a nomad in the desert
Absence of man made light
In this darkness you can see the infinite nature of the heavens
Subtle layering of twinkling
Like tiny fish wriggling in the dark net of the sky
Making me think of past lives where I loved a sailor
His gift to me summer nights’ skies filled with diamonds
That glitter on in my memory.
~ author: me


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