Not feeling great? Make soup!

So I’m not feeling well. Burning the candle at both ends, entertaining & working, plus my friend got ill at the end of the trip. So just like the last time she visited & got sick, I made my ginger garlic chicken soup . Something about that combination saved me last time.
So I decided to do a similar version. I don’t believe in making soup (this link takes you to the flavours I use when I make it for my hubby) exactly the same each time as I feel that soup is an excellent opportunity to clean out the fridge or pantry.

This time I sprayed slow cooker with a bit of coconut oil & placed chicken in. Added store bought minced ginger & garlic, a scotch bonnet & a red chili (next time I’ll add more as the heat was not as powerful as I thought), organic veg stock, nutritional yeast, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, corn, black & mustard seeds, bragg’s ACV, pink salt & pepper.

It came out yummy! Throw some stuff in your slow cooker tonight & save yourself having to cook dinner tomorrow!
What’s your favourite soup recipe/combination?

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