So I’ve been inspired by the IG community on many fronts, my diet & food presentation, the quality of my photography & style, & slowly but surely, my fitness. I’ve been following tons of IG yogis lately & am amazed by what they can do with their body; and it makes me want to work towards that.

20130929-012404.jpg I started with my bum up against the wall working on controlling my legs in different positions. Then I started working in engaging the core & moving the bum away from wall so it was above my shoulders. I also started working on my shoulder stability, pushing my elbows into the floor & giving my spine the freedom to lengthen in this position. Eventually getting my head off the floor.

Some great hashtags to search are: #yoga (obviously lol), #inversionarmy, #inversion, #headstand, #forearmstand, #handstand & #yogaintransit (which are IG videos of various poses & the movements to connect them together).

What I love about doing inversions is that it truly changes my perspective. It’s like an instant mood lift! I feel so much better after, calmer & more confident. It’s a great chance to focus on my breathing (& the inversions help when I’m congestion) and the fact that I’m concentrating on controlling all of my body means that the stuff that was stuck on repeat in my mind, shuts off for the precious minutes I stay upside down.

Some people whose pics inspire me thru my IG feed: @patrickbeach, @mackenzieyoga, @masumi_g, @beachyogagirl, @laurasykora, & @yogabeyond, @om_yogi.

So I’ve been practicing frequently, up until this week when I started feeling weak & ill. & today I was able to finally have my whole body floating away from the wall & completely straight! I’m so happy! Will definitely be continuing my work on these goals, including strengthening my forearm stands & moving into handstands.

20130929-013642.jpg A fantastic Sunday filled with yummy food, back bend work & puppy cuddles!

Blood orange obsession!

Made the yummiest juice the other day! 2 tangelos, 2 blood oranges, & 7 clementines… So delicious!
I’ve also been having them for breakfast with other fruits & I’ve been feeling great! My breakfast plates look like this…



Even good for breakfast on the go!
Thinking this week I’ll make some of my Van Helsing juice, using blood oranges, garlic & chili (to keep vampires away & give the juice bite, respectively) to give my body some necessary immunity.

20130926-190243.jpg this version here included purple cabbage, ginger & strawberries as well. I have also included carrots, yellow zucchini & regular oranges in other versions.

Love poems 8.11.03

send your love to me…
and your heart too.
give them to my safe-keeping
as i will do to you.

my heart misses
those sweet kisses
that i get from you…
and in every dream
my mind seems
to make you the star…
it hurts to think
and my heart sinks
deep beneath the floor…
i wish that i
had wings to fly
to where you are…


Finding your muse: you inspire my fantasies & bring colour to my imagination (W.I.P #2)

I think to be able to write creatively you must have a muse. Now I don’t believe that it has to be a person, it could be a time in your life that had a strong effect on you.
I use both, sometimes I write to a specific person, as though I were telling them a story, and sometimes I use times in my life (both good & bad) that still echo within to this day.

W.I.P #2

Wishing I could sail away
Back into my memory
To youthful summers in the sun
Days & nights of warmth…
Laughter… Echoing out on the waves…
Lapping at the boat,
As we gently rock
In the arms of Mother Nature
Off to the island of dreams.
~ author: me

Constructing a salad (yes another post on salad lol)

So one of the things that should be known about me is that I can fixate on flavours & will eat them multiple days in a row. So with that, you must know that I’m still obsessing about this salad…

20130921-193536.jpg which I used as the inspiration for this salad last night.

Tonight I decided to do a “jumbled” version to more closely mimic the plate I got in Vegas at The Cut. I decided to take pics of every single step so that I could do another post on salad arranging but this time on free form as opposed to organized piles.

I have a ton of alfalfa sprouts so I wanted to make sure to use a lot of those, but didn’t want to put them on top & obstruct the view of all the ingredients.

20130921-194040.jpg So I decided to add them first, using a snake like pattern on the plate with the thought to add different greens in the curves.
Then I added the arugula (my current favourite green, absolutely love them with poached eggs).

Next came the beet greens (I contemplated adding thin slices of beets as well but thought that I would just stick to using the greens & save the beets for roasting).

20130921-194415.jpg I cut the leaf part away from the stem & washed them separately. I cut the leaves in a thick chiffonade, & the stems on the bias.

Then came the watercress that I bought this evening.

Then 3 cheeses…

20130921-195401.jpg A soft local goat cheese, a chive onion cream cheese & a honey goat cheese.

Then came the fruit!

20130921-195833.jpg Forelle pear slices, red seedless grapes quartered, yellow tomatoes quartered (similar shapes, similar cuts to keep things from looking too disorganized) & blood orange segments.

I added a bit of coconut rice & miso glazed salmon leftovers from the restaurant where I work. For dressing I used some lime passion fruit vinaigrette from work & the rest of my vinaigrette from last night’s salad.


20130921-200542.jpg A close up because it looks so good!

Deconstructed: Salad ~ memories of Vegas

I prefer salad composed of different piles of stuff as opposed to all jumbled because I love putting my individual bites together, creating different flavour profiles with each forkful & I find the organization more visually pleasing.
Had a salad last night with arugula, blood orange & goat cheese, & it made me think of this salad…

20130921-003301.jpg (which is a roasted red & yellow beet salad with goat cheese & blood oranges from The Cut = my favourite restaurant in Vegas).

So tonight my salad just had to have some beets to pair with the blood orange/arugula/goat cheese flavour combo. Unfortunately I didn’t have any roasted or pickled beets but I did have the beet greens which I used raw two ways to add in beet flavour.

Clockwise from top right: arugula with beet stems, avocado with pink salt & bee pollen & Bragg’s sea kelp seasoning & pepper, then beet greens with yellow tomatoes & chia seeds, alfalfa sprouts with blood orange segments & honey goat cheese, & sliced forelle pear in the center. Vinaigrette: mustard, lemon, poppy seed dressing, buffalo sauce, & tangerine juice.

It was so yummy!! Tomorrow night I’m roasting beets! (Along with some Brussel sprouts) & will be adding to them to salads next week. What are you craving/making this weekend?