Saying good bye to bread…

Starting on Monday, I’ll be giving up bread & wheat. So as a kind of last supper, or should I say breakfast (since that’s when I crave toast the most!) I decided to make corn flake coated French toast.

I’ve been reading a lot of symptoms of being celiac, and I have to admit that they sound a lot like me. Plus my mother has been on a wheat free kick ever since she read “Wheat Belly” lol. She has seen some improvement since cutting out wheat so I’m down to try it too. I’m going to miss bread; rolls, biscuits, croissants, Danishes, toast, baguette… You name it I love it. But I’m getting heavier, & having digestive issues so maybe it’s time I approach my diet from a mature logical view point as opposed to the “want” mentality.
Because this was my last good bye, I didn’t think store bought syrup was appropriate. I cooked some frozen strawberries in Canadian maple syrup which I drizzled on top. Then a yummy avocado tomato side salad with a lemon tarragon dressing.
My breakfasts won’t be the same without bread, but I know that they will still be yummy regardless.

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