Fresh plates, fresh start

I have been painting my plates with fresh ingredients, hoping to get back to the healthy “high” that I was on before. I miss my farmers market, can’t wait for the fall. Then the good local produce reappears.
I’ve been making due with imported produce, organic when I can find it.

Salads for dinner…






Salads for breakfast! Nothing says a weekend breakfast/brunch like a ton of different fresh yummy nibbles. Love having extra time to make my plate full & pretty. Really enjoying the big white squares that my mom gave me, allows the food to really pop. Wish I lived somewhere where changing home furnishings was easy. I’d redecorate every season, changing colours & focal points often to keep a fresh vibe to my home. At least I can “decorate” my plates with beautiful fresh food!! Hope I can achieve my health goals in the near future.

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