“Life is one big road with lots of signs”

I’m having an absolutely ‘bleh” kind a day. Wondering about life & happiness. Where does happiness come from? From within? Or an outside force? Or does it happen thru a conversation with the universe? “Life is one big road with lots of signs” & as I wrote those words what do I hear but the tv say “this strange new universe”. I’m listening universe, I’m listening.
Some people want fame, some people want fortunes, I simply want to be happy. To feel happy, healthy, & at peace with the world around me. But I feel that the only way to truly feel that way, I’ll have to find the thing that my heart most wants. Wondering when that will happen, when I have the maturity to know that about myself.
It’s so crazy that while I sit here & thinking these things, the universe speaks… Kinda the way that Bumblebee speaks in transformers. Speaking thru mediums to be heard by you.

(I love “How I met your mother”)
Every year I get older & I wonder am I doing right? Is this the best happiest me I can be? Hopefully I’ll be more upbeat & optimistic over the upcoming holiday, 2 more days to this work week… I think I can, I think I can.

2 thoughts on ““Life is one big road with lots of signs”

  1. I am able to relate on so many levels to what wrote here. Today has been a bit of a pain for me because I can´t stop thinking about what it is that I am missing to live a happy, peaceful life. I am driving myself nuts here so I know I need to take a break from trying to force the answer out of thin air and instead distract myself from the question doing something I like. Good luck finding what your are looking for! You are most definitely not alone if that helps 🙂


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