Absolutely Epic Salad

I made an absolutely epic salad for dinner tonight. So good I can’t wait to have it again for lunch, so good I had to share!

Calling it my “Southern” Peach Salad. Baby kale & arugula leaves, with 2 kinda of goat cheese (one local, one imported), 2 kinds of peaches (one local, one imported), pickled beets, & sweet & salty glazed nuts. So yummy!!! & filling, I didn’t even finish my BBQ chicken lol.
Homemade vinaigrette includes: creamy poppy seed dressing, buffalo wing sauce, ACV (Bragg’s organic), coconut oil (a tsp), nutritional yeast, Bragg’s sea kelp seasoning, bee pollen, squeeze of lemon, drop of honey.
Drool! Is it lunchtime yet?? To tomorrow’s version I’ve added sliced blackberries & a splash of OJ to the vinaigrette. How will you make it yours??

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