Summer Food

So unlike the rest of the world, Bermuda’s summer means no farmers market! Where others have come to the best part of their growing season, we have begun a period of high heat & sun with only brief showers. So for me my favourite times of the year are spring & fall. The weather is gorgeous & I can get tons of goodies at the farmers market.

20130715-230947.jpg last day of farmers market this summer, had to buy myself some flowers.
During spring I eat very simply, less cooking more raw, less ingredients more flavour, I let what is on my plate do all the work.

20130715-231302.jpg a summer salad I made for a friend who recently turned vegan (her plate was minus the goat cheese) showing her that salads can be filling & satisfying especially if they are full of ingredients & beautiful to look at.

20130715-231513.jpg I love “painting” my plates with brightly coloured fruits & veggies.


I feel so healthy & happy when I eat this way.

Even my dogs get the benefits, I cook their meat & mix in juice pulp & veggies. Their skin & coats are way less irritated on this diet. Interesting huh? Especially as I suffer from allergies that can effect my skin too. Something I suffer from less when I’m eating better.


All my daddy wanted for Father’s Day was for me to cook him dinner. & make my “deconstructed” chicken pot pie like I did for Mother’s Day. Unfortunately he was away so missed it, except for the tantalizing pic on IG. So I made him some of his own… With local corn on the side!

My awesome daddy also got me a Breville blender! Which I love & which made me this!

20130715-232811.jpg blueberries, kale, frozen strawberries, low fat mango yogurt, homemade juice, bee pollen, raw cacao nibs & coconut oil… Yummy!

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