Long weekend in Las Vegas (aka Lost Wages)

So after the craziness that was 4th of July (where I planned a large party for the MOC… was supposed to be 750 people ended up more like 800)… with food, liquor, obstacle course fun castle, regiment band, dj, gombeys & fireworks…

20130709-205344.jpg I finally joined the hubby in Las Vegas.

20130709-205502.jpgIt was a great trip over…

20130709-210414.jpg First class the whole way!

20130709-210528.jpg With a delicious dinner.

20130709-211007.jpg Yummy sundae? With caramel & hot chocolate? Yes please!

The whole purpose of my trip, besides getting some good eats with hubby…

20130709-213312.jpg Was to see the newest member of my heart family!

20130709-214539.jpg Isn’t he adorable??
Being with one of my besties & her adorable kids only makes me realize how much I want my own family. Looking forward to those magical moments.

The rest of the weekend flew by, did some shopping, got a pedicure with my girls, and took a ton of baths!



Some favourite Vegas shots from my trip:






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