“Life is one big road with lots of signs”

I’m having an absolutely ‘bleh” kind a day. Wondering about life & happiness. Where does happiness come from? From within? Or an outside force? Or does it happen thru a conversation with the universe? “Life is one big road with lots of signs” & as I wrote those words what do I hear but the tv say “this strange new universe”. I’m listening universe, I’m listening.
Some people want fame, some people want fortunes, I simply want to be happy. To feel happy, healthy, & at peace with the world around me. But I feel that the only way to truly feel that way, I’ll have to find the thing that my heart most wants. Wondering when that will happen, when I have the maturity to know that about myself.
It’s so crazy that while I sit here & thinking these things, the universe speaks… Kinda the way that Bumblebee speaks in transformers. Speaking thru mediums to be heard by you.

(I love “How I met your mother”)
Every year I get older & I wonder am I doing right? Is this the best happiest me I can be? Hopefully I’ll be more upbeat & optimistic over the upcoming holiday, 2 more days to this work week… I think I can, I think I can.

Absolutely Epic Salad

I made an absolutely epic salad for dinner tonight. So good I can’t wait to have it again for lunch, so good I had to share!

Calling it my “Southern” Peach Salad. Baby kale & arugula leaves, with 2 kinda of goat cheese (one local, one imported), 2 kinds of peaches (one local, one imported), pickled beets, & sweet & salty glazed nuts. So yummy!!! & filling, I didn’t even finish my BBQ chicken lol.
Homemade vinaigrette includes: creamy poppy seed dressing, buffalo wing sauce, ACV (Bragg’s organic), coconut oil (a tsp), nutritional yeast, Bragg’s sea kelp seasoning, bee pollen, squeeze of lemon, drop of honey.
Drool! Is it lunchtime yet?? To tomorrow’s version I’ve added sliced blackberries & a splash of OJ to the vinaigrette. How will you make it yours??

Summer Food

So unlike the rest of the world, Bermuda’s summer means no farmers market! Where others have come to the best part of their growing season, we have begun a period of high heat & sun with only brief showers. So for me my favourite times of the year are spring & fall. The weather is gorgeous & I can get tons of goodies at the farmers market.

20130715-230947.jpg last day of farmers market this summer, had to buy myself some flowers.
During spring I eat very simply, less cooking more raw, less ingredients more flavour, I let what is on my plate do all the work.

20130715-231302.jpg a summer salad I made for a friend who recently turned vegan (her plate was minus the goat cheese) showing her that salads can be filling & satisfying especially if they are full of ingredients & beautiful to look at.

20130715-231513.jpg I love “painting” my plates with brightly coloured fruits & veggies.


I feel so healthy & happy when I eat this way.

Even my dogs get the benefits, I cook their meat & mix in juice pulp & veggies. Their skin & coats are way less irritated on this diet. Interesting huh? Especially as I suffer from allergies that can effect my skin too. Something I suffer from less when I’m eating better.


All my daddy wanted for Father’s Day was for me to cook him dinner. & make my “deconstructed” chicken pot pie like I did for Mother’s Day. Unfortunately he was away so missed it, except for the tantalizing pic on IG. So I made him some of his own… With local corn on the side!

My awesome daddy also got me a Breville blender! Which I love & which made me this!

20130715-232811.jpg blueberries, kale, frozen strawberries, low fat mango yogurt, homemade juice, bee pollen, raw cacao nibs & coconut oil… Yummy!

IG have I told you I love you lately?…

So I was taking a break from organizing my kitchen (a Herculean task on Saturdays after my farmers market haul) to watch one of my favourite tv shows Extra Virgin (with Debbie Mazaar & her lovely Italian husband) on The Cooking Channel, when this fabulous IG shout out came on. I agree with a lot that Eric said in his video; IG has also helped me eat healthier (amazing how taking a pic of your food for the world to see helps keep you “honest” about your choices & if they are actually healthy), & I have met some great people thru IG that has opened up a supportive community for me to grow in.

IG is by far the most life changing app on my phone.

Long weekend in Las Vegas (aka Lost Wages)

So after the craziness that was 4th of July (where I planned a large party for the MOC… was supposed to be 750 people ended up more like 800)… with food, liquor, obstacle course fun castle, regiment band, dj, gombeys & fireworks…

20130709-205344.jpg I finally joined the hubby in Las Vegas.

20130709-205502.jpgIt was a great trip over…

20130709-210414.jpg First class the whole way!

20130709-210528.jpg With a delicious dinner.

20130709-211007.jpg Yummy sundae? With caramel & hot chocolate? Yes please!

The whole purpose of my trip, besides getting some good eats with hubby…

20130709-213312.jpg Was to see the newest member of my heart family!

20130709-214539.jpg Isn’t he adorable??
Being with one of my besties & her adorable kids only makes me realize how much I want my own family. Looking forward to those magical moments.

The rest of the weekend flew by, did some shopping, got a pedicure with my girls, and took a ton of baths!



Some favourite Vegas shots from my trip: