Busy busy busy…

So I’ve been super busy! Got a new day job back in the hospitality industry helping to plan events & weddings. So far it has been a great decision, I’m really liking the position.

My first day!
I took a week off from all other ventures to really get my head in the game. This last week I added everything back in in a limited fashion. To say I have been busy is understatement lol.
To keep myself healthy I’ve been drinking my green juice. Getting strange looks from my coworkers but have had a few try some of my prettier coloured juices lol.

Green juice at home…

Green juice at my Pilates studio…

Green juice at work.

I have also been making sure that I’m eating healthy. Making my lunches at the same time as dinner to ensure that salads play a big part of my daily meals.

Found a new love in fresh fig the other day. On a whim decided to buy it, had it with local goat cheese & kale, & loved it!!!


I have also been a true devotee of coffee, having spent the last few months working at a coffee shop, I now truly enjoy that first cup of the day. Coffee snob status! Lol.

A treat from my old day job on the way to my new day job.

Nespresso at my folks place.

Hope to find more time to do the things I love, like IG & blogging, this week. I was able to go to the beach for an hour this Sunday & got a good dose of vitamin d.


A couple of my favourite photos this week:

Lonely sailboat in the harbour at sunset.

The view at work.

Sunflowers from the farmer’s market.

A wedding at work.

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