It’s a marathon not a sprint…

Playing poker always gets me philosophizing. After all it is a game that is much like life. How well you do depends on not only your skill level, but also in how well you read people & it occasionally requires a bit of luck.
When playing tournament poker, it’s not so much about each hand but how well you play generally. Trying not to lose more than you win & trying to maximize the chips you can win in each by your style of betting.
I also find it is a challenge to keep the positive attitude & focus to win in the long run. Some nights I listen to music to be a touch distracted or like tonight I check on my social media while I’m not in a hand.

Start of the night things were going my way but now the cards aren’t coming. So I’ve had to switch up my play. Folding more hands & playing better starting hands instead of the wider range I was using in the beginning. Life is the same way, sometimes you can do things with a cocky confident style & sometimes you have to be humble & cautious. It’s all about finding the balance in the flow of the universe around you. Sometimes I’m more in sync with the cards & feel like I can predict what comes. But today they are silent, not speaking to me, not listening to me call them out. But that’s ok… another thing that poker has taught me… Patience.

IG feed mix

My IG feed is a mix of food (salads, produce, juicing), eye make up, the hubby & dogs, nature & scenery. With a health dose of cloud porn lol.
I look at other people’s feeds and admire the way they edit so it all fits a theme. Like a gallery. My feed is all over the place. In the beginning I thought that I should try & be more selective. But now I feel like that’s why IG has such a huge effect on me… It helps me see the beauty in ordinary things in every day life.

Busy busy busy…

So I’ve been super busy! Got a new day job back in the hospitality industry helping to plan events & weddings. So far it has been a great decision, I’m really liking the position.

My first day!
I took a week off from all other ventures to really get my head in the game. This last week I added everything back in in a limited fashion. To say I have been busy is understatement lol.
To keep myself healthy I’ve been drinking my green juice. Getting strange looks from my coworkers but have had a few try some of my prettier coloured juices lol.

Green juice at home…

Green juice at my Pilates studio…

Green juice at work.

I have also been making sure that I’m eating healthy. Making my lunches at the same time as dinner to ensure that salads play a big part of my daily meals.

Found a new love in fresh fig the other day. On a whim decided to buy it, had it with local goat cheese & kale, & loved it!!!


I have also been a true devotee of coffee, having spent the last few months working at a coffee shop, I now truly enjoy that first cup of the day. Coffee snob status! Lol.

A treat from my old day job on the way to my new day job.

Nespresso at my folks place.

Hope to find more time to do the things I love, like IG & blogging, this week. I was able to go to the beach for an hour this Sunday & got a good dose of vitamin d.


A couple of my favourite photos this week:

Lonely sailboat in the harbour at sunset.

The view at work.

Sunflowers from the farmer’s market.

A wedding at work.