Juicing flow / kitchen mojo

Having a great kitchen week, thinking its because of my recent trip (loved all the good food but missed my healthy feeling!) & because of this great cookbook I just bought.

As usual, IG was also a source of inspiration @theleangreenbean does a weekly Sunday healthy food prep

20130426-215851.jpg & this week I was inspired to do my own.

I made egg “muffins” with veg & quinoa, quinoa & cous cous for salads, roasted beets, & chopped veggies to eat my hummus with.
I kept this kitchen inspiration going in my juicing – improving on my prep & my juice flavour blends. While prepping my fruit for juice this weekend I made flavoured water (which I have been enjoying all week)

I also made changes to the way I prep my juicing station – changing the juicer placement on my counter, putting a “trash” bag in the corner, & turning up the spout so that the juice doesn’t dribble out while I’m adding juice to my jars (bagging the pulp I have done for a while – makes it easier to keep, give away, or throw away depending)

Learning to work with my new Breville, realizing that ginger is a hard veg so should be at level 5 but if I drop it in by itself it just spins away into pulp collector without giving a lot of juice. So I started putting slices of ginger & my cloves of garlic between the halves of my apples. (I halve them to take out the seeds which can be bad to juice in large quantities)

I feel like I have also gone to another level with my juice flavour combinations. Trying to make more complex flavour profiles so that the juice is more filling/satisfying.

My Van Helsing’s OJ – blood orange with carrot, yellow squash (doesn’t really give flavour but I like the extra water content & veggie vitamins), strawberry with ginger, garlic (to keep vampires away) & chili (to give it bite lol).

I’m loving the addition of garlic & cilantro to almost everything! I added everything in the picture above (ginger, chili, garlic, parsley, cilantro & mint) to my green juice & I fell in love even more!!
At happy hour enjoying my cocktail

20130426-223404.jpg & thinking about juicing basil & oregano, & what I could put into this “pizza” juice I’ve been challenged to make.
Off to make some juice for breakfast tomorrow & I think it’s going to involve some of these beauties… Or should I say cuties? Lol

All in all a great kitchen week & I’m looking forward to many more!

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