So sorry it’s been so long since my last post! I’m on vacation at the moment with a total reversal of time usage lol. I love vacations but I hate prepping for them. Usually requires a deep clean of house for dog sitter, on top of trying to work as much as possible (with 3 jobs, none of them pay while on vacation – sigh welcome to self employment lol). Plus my little buddy (my shih tzu/Pekingese) always gets an eye infection so I spend the week before travel cleaning him & giving him meds all the time lol. So by the time I get to vacation I’m busted. & when I return home I’ll hit the ground running with clients (juice & Pilates). Most times vacations just make me need a stay-cation at home to catch myself lol. Hoping green juice next week will prevent me getting sick.
One of the things I always end up doing on vacation is deleting photos on my iPhone to make room for more lol. One of the bonuses of this activity is that I get to revel in the memories… Of food & fun times gone by.
I was blessed to come across this photo amongst my roll of thousands & it really made me smile.

One of my favourite things about IG is that it is a daily source of inspiration for me (to be healthier, fitter, more artistic, more crafty, stylish… etc. etc.) so to be an inspiration to someone else thru IG is an honour.
Will post a vacation write up very soon! Hope you all are having a great day wherever you are. xo

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