Damn Flu! A good reason to perfect my Ginger Garlic Chicken soup!

So I’ve been sick all weekend. Friday I felt fine, enjoyed my time flying kites with my hubby & brother-in-law (well laying in the sun watching them lol)…


but Friday night it began. Stuffy, runny nose with a sore throat. Saturday morning I managed to drag myself to work thanks to DayQuil but was sent home early when the drugs began to fade.
I spent Saturday & Sunday only able to drink juice & tea, & eat fruit, as I had no appetite at all & a sore throat that felt like I swallowed a porcupine.


So finally yesterday I had the will & the energy to cook myself some healing soup. Full of garlic & ginger to fight my infection, and chicken because who hasn’t heard of the healing powers of chicken soup?!?! I originally thought up this recipe when a friend came to visit from Canada bringing strep throat with her. By the end of her short stay her throat looked like some alien growth. I had made the soup for her but she was only able to drink juice (which I made her some fresh & bought her some ocean spray cranberry) so me being a waste-not-want-not-kinda girl I ate the whole pot myself (the hubby, my boyfriend at the time, is not a ginger fan, and this soup was a ginger garlic chicken soup, emphasis on ginger).

I took 4 chicken thighs, lemongrass, garlic cloves, chilies, & hunks of ginger in the bottom of a pan. I then cut up yellow & orange carrots (2 of each), 1 Bermuda onion, & a bag of potatoes I’ve had hidden in my cupboard. I covered it all with beef stock & set it to boil. After the soup was good & boiling, I turned it down to a simmer & left it on the stove for a couple hours. Turned off the heat & added sriracha, apple cider vinegar, nutritional yeast, coconut water, turmeric & roasted ginger powder.
To serve I added in more goodness, trying to cram in as much healthiness as I could in one bowl.

After 2 bowls last night & a bowl for breakfast, I am starting to feel a bit more human. Yay for the healing powers of soup! Anyone else have a favourite soup recipe?

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