Using social media pt. 2 – your addictions can equal free marketing

So as you may have guessed by now I am addicted to Instagram. I have noticed that my personal feed has started to contain a lot of my business products and interests; so I decided to create accounts for my businesses. I have long been a fan of using social media as free advertising. All of my businesses have received a Facebook page either by my creation or by my request. My Pages app gets a lot of use as I’m an administrator for my part time job, plus I have 2 business of my own. It’s so convenient to use from my iPhone or iPad, and it’s a great way to reach a larger audience.

My jam/juice company, We Be Jammin (We Be Jammin & Juicin on FB, webejamminbermuda on IG) has really started to take off just by word of mouth. A few flyers, some new customers, and some free samples later I have tripled my daily clients. Without spending any money on advertising.


My Pilates studio has been open for several years, but with the economic downturn it has become more important to stay relevant and in people’s thoughts. With our FB account & now our IG account my hope is that clients will be inspired and will want to train at the studio more.


I am using my addiction to social media to fuel my businesses. By creating a dialogue with clients via FB statuses and IG pics, I hope to both increase my client base & the loyalty of the clients I currently have.

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