Being your own boss

Being your own boss is challenging. Forcing yourself to work when all you want to do is anything but, is the hardest thing you can do. And on the flip side, since you are the business it is hard to find the time to relax. There is always something to do: billing, marketing, prepping, cleaning, administrative work, & on & on. On top of all these things you must work on being inspired. So that you can create new opportunities for growth or to better serve your existing clients.
Finding balance is important but first you have to find time. What I’ve learned this week is prep time is key. Putting off prep only makes your job harder. So I buckled down & did prep when I would have rather taken a break, & boy was I so happy that evening when I went to juice for clients & my fruit was prepped & ready to go.
Be the business as much as you can but set yourself up for success. Use your time wisely & don’t let procrastination rule because then you will be able to appreciate your relaxation time instead of stressing about your list of things to do.

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