How to live an Insta life – Instagram Philosophy 101

Things I have learned through Instagram… aka how photography has shaped my life.

Subject matter is important. You want to make sure you are framing what is most important to you. Just like our physical eye is drawn to the center of the photo, so too is our inner eye drawn to the center of our focus. Make sure your focus stays on the beauty in front of you.

Lighting is also important since the light you shine on your subject will affect it & your reaction to it. Shine a positive light on the situation or person you are looking at and it will be more pleasing to you.

Crop out unnecessary background; the naysayers, the haters, the doubts & fear. Focus on your passion & capture your perfect moment. Let your subject fill your view & block out all the negativity.

Use negative space to highlight the beauty of your subject. The contrast of darkness will cause your subject to glow as though lit from within.


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