Using social media pt. 2 – your addictions can equal free marketing

So as you may have guessed by now I am addicted to Instagram. I have noticed that my personal feed has started to contain a lot of my business products and interests; so I decided to create accounts for my businesses. I have long been a fan of using social media as free advertising. All of my businesses have received a Facebook page either by my creation or by my request. My Pages app gets a lot of use as I’m an administrator for my part time job, plus I have 2 business of my own. It’s so convenient to use from my iPhone or iPad, and it’s a great way to reach a larger audience.

My jam/juice company, We Be Jammin (We Be Jammin & Juicin on FB, webejamminbermuda on IG) has really started to take off just by word of mouth. A few flyers, some new customers, and some free samples later I have tripled my daily clients. Without spending any money on advertising.


My Pilates studio has been open for several years, but with the economic downturn it has become more important to stay relevant and in people’s thoughts. With our FB account & now our IG account my hope is that clients will be inspired and will want to train at the studio more.


I am using my addiction to social media to fuel my businesses. By creating a dialogue with clients via FB statuses and IG pics, I hope to both increase my client base & the loyalty of the clients I currently have.

Confessions of a Curly-haired girl pt. 2

With curly hair you have to have “down” days. Days where you don’t expect it to curl perfectly, have volume or fall just so. These are the days when I’ll give my hair a conditioning treatment or on the opposite side put next to nothing in my hair.
These deep conditioning & no products days are important to my hair, giving it a chance to reset. I tend to do these days on the weekend when I’m not going anywhere. I find if I use the same combination of hair products day after day, they start to lose their effects. Better to switch up the combination, and to allow your hair days to do its own thing (I just make sure to carry a hair elastic with me lol)

Think I have enough products? lol

Another year of living

As I celebrate another year of living I think back to the woman I have been and who I am becoming. All along I have liked myself, I’ve never thought that I wasn’t a good person to know, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve lost the need to be liked by other people. I realize that at the end of the day I have to be able to live with myself, I have to live with my decisions & feelings, other people don’t. So please yourself first & follow your passion.

Another year older, & hopefully a bit wiser. Here’s to many more years to live my passions.

I have tried several times to upload this birthday post without success. Perplexed & irritated I quit & go to bed.

Being your own boss

Being your own boss is challenging. Forcing yourself to work when all you want to do is anything but, is the hardest thing you can do. And on the flip side, since you are the business it is hard to find the time to relax. There is always something to do: billing, marketing, prepping, cleaning, administrative work, & on & on. On top of all these things you must work on being inspired. So that you can create new opportunities for growth or to better serve your existing clients.
Finding balance is important but first you have to find time. What I’ve learned this week is prep time is key. Putting off prep only makes your job harder. So I buckled down & did prep when I would have rather taken a break, & boy was I so happy that evening when I went to juice for clients & my fruit was prepped & ready to go.
Be the business as much as you can but set yourself up for success. Use your time wisely & don’t let procrastination rule because then you will be able to appreciate your relaxation time instead of stressing about your list of things to do.

How to live an Insta life – Instagram Philosophy 101

Things I have learned through Instagram… aka how photography has shaped my life.

Subject matter is important. You want to make sure you are framing what is most important to you. Just like our physical eye is drawn to the center of the photo, so too is our inner eye drawn to the center of our focus. Make sure your focus stays on the beauty in front of you.

Lighting is also important since the light you shine on your subject will affect it & your reaction to it. Shine a positive light on the situation or person you are looking at and it will be more pleasing to you.

Crop out unnecessary background; the naysayers, the haters, the doubts & fear. Focus on your passion & capture your perfect moment. Let your subject fill your view & block out all the negativity.

Use negative space to highlight the beauty of your subject. The contrast of darkness will cause your subject to glow as though lit from within.