Using social media to stay inspired!

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m obsessed with social media. I’m constantly checking my Facebook & Instagram. I don’t think of it as the time sucking endeavour that some making out to be, but this is because I use my social media for good not evil. I have joined groups & follow people that inspire me: juicers & juicing groups, chefs & foodies, fitness professionals & fanatics, photographers & iPhoneographers… Doesn’t matter if they are professional or just passionate as long as the inspiration is there. My Facebook feed is filled with recipes for juice & food, eye makeup & interesting articles on health. While my Instagram gives me recipes, free ebooks, travel ideas, & fashion. Both have the prerequisite cute animals & motivational quotes but who can be upset when looking at a cute dog? Or can’t find some solace or encouragement from the occasional quote? The inspirations I find in my social media find their way into my businesses or onto my list of things to try. I feel blessed to live during an age where I can receive so much stimulation, but I make sure that I enjoy my “off” time just as much. On that note, off to cuddle my hubby & dogs & get some rest. Nite!

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