Staying connected, shutting off

With friends and family scattered across the globe. It’s nice to be able to stay a daily presence in their lives; technology allows me to see & comment on their day & to make them a part of mine.
But it is important to keep up the quality of the contact. Liking an fb status or an IG pic is not the same as a conversation. An email is not the same as sending a package. It is important in these days of technology we don’t lose the humanity of our friendships. One of the best ways I’ve found to use technology for good is videochats.

Videochats are a great way of feeling present in that other persons world. This a shot of I set up my iPad so my friend D & could chat while we cooked. It almost felt like we were in the same kitchen. I cooked dinner then juiced while he baked a pie then juiced. It was really nice to reconnect with him since it had been a while.


It’s important that we don’t let technology distance us, we need to make sure we use it productively & for the betterment of our lives & relationships.

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