How Juicing Changed my Life

So besides Instagram, juicing had the biggest effect on my life last year. I was introduced to juicing by my good friend D on a trip where I visited him in Toronto. He said that he was going to make me some fresh juice with his Breville. He told me to buy beets, apples, oranges & a grapefruit at the store on my way home from my intensive STOTT Pilates rehab workshop. The amazing concoction was delicious. I could feel the nutrients in each gulp & my hangover was gone (we had a couple cocktails & a late night chatting the night before). It was bliss, I went to sleep & woke up feeling great the next day.

I’ve been hooked on juicing ever since. I bought a small juicer to test my commitment to juicing… & soon was complaining that it wasn’t big enough lol. Thankfully another friend had an extra one that she lovingly gave me. That juicer is still with me & is helping me create my juice concoctions & menu.


My first IG juice pic, as you can see it has beet in it… I’m a bit obsessed with beet juice lol. Probably because my first yummy juice experience was a beet explosion of flavour. Some people think it has an earthy flavour, but I find it quite sweet. It’s all in what you put with it, and better to start out with just a piece rather than a whole one.

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