Dog Walk Thoughts….

Not to be confused with Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy lol. But I do find it very interesting to walk the dogs with my thoughts for company. As I was walking along this morning I was thinking about relationships (thanks morning reality tv lol) and this is what I came up with… A perfect marriage is not created by a perfect courtship or a perfect wedding, because first there is no such thing as a perfect marriage, and secondly who has a perfect courtship or wedding? There is always something that will go wrong, the good relationships will only weather the bad times as well as sail through the good. A good marriage is made through hard work & sacrifice. Not that as a newlywed I’m qualified to give marriage advice, but its just my simple opinion about relationships that time, maturity & the advice of my parents have given to me.


Totally unrelated but I also got really excited by the yellow loquats I saw on the walk… Can’t wait to sell my chutney!!


Love my morning walks with the dogs, like moving meditation & mood improvement.

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