Using social media to stay inspired!

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m obsessed with social media. I’m constantly checking my Facebook & Instagram. I don’t think of it as the time sucking endeavour that some making out to be, but this is because I use my social media for good not evil. I have joined groups & follow people that inspire me: juicers & juicing groups, chefs & foodies, fitness professionals & fanatics, photographers & iPhoneographers… Doesn’t matter if they are professional or just passionate as long as the inspiration is there. My Facebook feed is filled with recipes for juice & food, eye makeup & interesting articles on health. While my Instagram gives me recipes, free ebooks, travel ideas, & fashion. Both have the prerequisite cute animals & motivational quotes but who can be upset when looking at a cute dog? Or can’t find some solace or encouragement from the occasional quote? The inspirations I find in my social media find their way into my businesses or onto my list of things to try. I feel blessed to live during an age where I can receive so much stimulation, but I make sure that I enjoy my “off” time just as much. On that note, off to cuddle my hubby & dogs & get some rest. Nite!

Staying connected, shutting off

With friends and family scattered across the globe. It’s nice to be able to stay a daily presence in their lives; technology allows me to see & comment on their day & to make them a part of mine.
But it is important to keep up the quality of the contact. Liking an fb status or an IG pic is not the same as a conversation. An email is not the same as sending a package. It is important in these days of technology we don’t lose the humanity of our friendships. One of the best ways I’ve found to use technology for good is videochats.

Videochats are a great way of feeling present in that other persons world. This a shot of I set up my iPad so my friend D & could chat while we cooked. It almost felt like we were in the same kitchen. I cooked dinner then juiced while he baked a pie then juiced. It was really nice to reconnect with him since it had been a while.


It’s important that we don’t let technology distance us, we need to make sure we use it productively & for the betterment of our lives & relationships.

How Juicing Changed my Life

So besides Instagram, juicing had the biggest effect on my life last year. I was introduced to juicing by my good friend D on a trip where I visited him in Toronto. He said that he was going to make me some fresh juice with his Breville. He told me to buy beets, apples, oranges & a grapefruit at the store on my way home from my intensive STOTT Pilates rehab workshop. The amazing concoction was delicious. I could feel the nutrients in each gulp & my hangover was gone (we had a couple cocktails & a late night chatting the night before). It was bliss, I went to sleep & woke up feeling great the next day.

I’ve been hooked on juicing ever since. I bought a small juicer to test my commitment to juicing… & soon was complaining that it wasn’t big enough lol. Thankfully another friend had an extra one that she lovingly gave me. That juicer is still with me & is helping me create my juice concoctions & menu.


My first IG juice pic, as you can see it has beet in it… I’m a bit obsessed with beet juice lol. Probably because my first yummy juice experience was a beet explosion of flavour. Some people think it has an earthy flavour, but I find it quite sweet. It’s all in what you put with it, and better to start out with just a piece rather than a whole one.

A new distraction?


It’s always interesting to find new social media apps, allowing us to share more content with more people. I downloaded the Vine app a few days ago because a few IGers I follow were talking about it.

Been having a lot of trouble with IG lately, it crashing while I’m trying to post a picture has become way too frequent. Really hope that it gets sorted out because as an IG junkie I like to post every day. Maybe it’s time to switch mediums & become addicted to making videos.


Gotta be able to laugh at yourself. Image courtesy of

Dog Walk Thoughts….

Not to be confused with Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy lol. But I do find it very interesting to walk the dogs with my thoughts for company. As I was walking along this morning I was thinking about relationships (thanks morning reality tv lol) and this is what I came up with… A perfect marriage is not created by a perfect courtship or a perfect wedding, because first there is no such thing as a perfect marriage, and secondly who has a perfect courtship or wedding? There is always something that will go wrong, the good relationships will only weather the bad times as well as sail through the good. A good marriage is made through hard work & sacrifice. Not that as a newlywed I’m qualified to give marriage advice, but its just my simple opinion about relationships that time, maturity & the advice of my parents have given to me.


Totally unrelated but I also got really excited by the yellow loquats I saw on the walk… Can’t wait to sell my chutney!!


Love my morning walks with the dogs, like moving meditation & mood improvement.