Collages are a great way of giving your images more of an impact. Where one photo can be good, more can be better. I use collages in a couple different ways. The first is artistically, where I want to evoke a mood/feeling by grouping my images together. For example the other day I was missing summer (the part of summer where the days are beautiful & warm… before the suffocating humid heat) so I made the collage below.

As you can see the common thread is the beautiful blues of summer. Shots of the ocean, Bermuda’s national flower the Bermudiana, and the eye makeup I did this summer inspired by it all.

I like doing “artistic” collages where I add my own images to poems/quotes that really speak to me, or to other people’s images that have become an inspiration to my own.

20130127-123225.jpg A Shel Silverstein poem & my own photos

20130127-123418.jpg A Sufi poet’s words & my own photos

20130127-130805.jpg The life is beautiful image is someone else’s, all other photos are mine. Created this collage to remind me that life is beautiful, you just have to look around at it.

Another way I use collages is to show the steps I have taken to create something. This can either be beauty/fashion linked, such as steps in a manicure or an eye makeup look, or it can be the various steps to something I’m cooking, such as soups or jams. This allows people to see what I’ve done to arrive at my final product, making it look more accessible to them.

20130127-124509.jpg This is the steps to the roasted garlic Bermuda onion jam I made last night.

20130127-124637.jpg This shows how I did my candy corn mani for Halloween this past year (the students loved it!)

Sometimes I like to show the inspiration for my makeup or mani, especially if its matching my outfit (which if you know me happens a lot lol).


Or I’ll show both the inspiration & the makeup used such as in this pic (you can tell I was obsessed with this skirt as its the inspiration for both of these collages done at separate times last year lol)


Now there are tons of apps that let you make collages, I’m partial to PicFrame myself, but know others who use PicStitch, Frametastic, PicCollage etc. I say play around with them & find one you like & go for it. A good collage app will let you change the size of the boxes, allow you to zoom & move the picture within each box, and will allow you to manipulate the borders. I’m not to fussed with adding backgrounds to my collages as I like the pictures to be the star, but I have seen other people create collages that the background goes with their photo theme & it can be quite cute (I could see it being a great application for party invites such as a baby shower).

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