Confessions of a Curly-haired Girl

So even though I have learned to love my curls, & feel that they have become to define my look, I have spent many years longing for long straight hair. I envied girls that could effortlessly run their fingers through their hair or just throw it into a ponytail & have it look good. With curly hair even putting it into a ponytail requires a mirror, and to get JLo smooth look you need to add a firm bristle brush to the equation. I have dabbled in straightening my hair before, but unfortunately Bermuda’s humid climate would make that a real challenge lol. That’s a pic of me with straight hair at university below.


It has only taken me 2 decades to figure out the secrets to my hair, hopefully this will shorten the learning process for someone else lol.

First thing I’ve learned is to style it in the shower while I have conditioner in my hair, I comb it & part it before I rinse. Then when I get out I gently squeeze it dry with a towel (I’ve read that it’s better to squeeze with a t shirt as it is less rough on hair, but I don’t have a hair drying t shirt lol) leaving it fairly damp.


These are the products that I used today. I’m constantly trying new products, and somedays I use more or less products as my frizziness requires. Weekends I’ll give my hair a rest an only use one or two, or just do an oil treatment (more on my favourites another day). I worked the products in one at a time, from left to right. I begin with a curl cream, this could also be a curl “lotion” or “milk”, this first step is the runniest product. I then layer in thicker curl creams/moisturizers. These can be quite thick & creamy if you have thicker hair (since my hair is fine I don’t go too heavy). I then put in a curl moisturizing mousse-like product (either the Sally Hershberger or the Aveeno one pictured) to give my curls volume & body. Last step is a curl cream/custard that is gel-like. I like the kinky curly at the moment but I have used many in my lifetime.

So that’s just what I use right after the shower before I leave the bathroom. After this I STOP touching it & let it air dry. Sometimes the front dries too fast, or it can be a bit frizzier because I washed it with shampoo (taking out some of the natural oils, I find my hair is better a bit dirtier as the oils condition it a bit), so I re-wetted it with a conditioning spray then put another kinky curly spray on the front.


After this I walk out the door with hair that looks quite wet (if you don’t like leaving the house with wet hair you will have to plan to shower earlier – I firmly believe in not blow drying my hair).


After the hair becomes dry to the touch, the products I use produce a wet curl effect so they will still look wet, I will take a finishing cream (such as the Sally Hershberger one pictured far right in first pic) or an oil (my favourite is moroccan oil) to break up the curls, losing the wet curl look and the hardness, making them soft & fluffy. I rub the cream/oil in my hands, making sure to not wear rings or things that can catch in the curl & create frizz. I comb up from under the curls like the pic below.


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Curly-haired Girl

  1. I love your curls, theyre always perfectly defined but I love your hair straight as well….and yes, when it comes to products I think you may be a hoarder…totally addicted to them you are! 🙂 xx


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